EPPO Workshop on integrated management of insect pests in oilseed rape

Berlin, 2017-09-20/22



At the EPPO Workshop on insecticide resistance of Meligethes spp. (pollen beetle) on oilseed rape (Berlin, 2007-09-03/03)  it was recommended that follow-up should be planned to include other oilseed rape pests. Ten years later, on 2017-09-20/22, the Workshop on integrated management of insect pests in oilseed rape was organized in collaboration with the Julius Kühn-Institute. The aim of this Workshop was to share knowledge on oilseed rape insect pests and on the importance of their control for oilseed rape production, to learn about the present situation in different countries and recommendations for the control of oilseed rape pests with regard to insecticide resistance, to hear from industry about current chemical control options and resistance monitoring results, to inform participants about integrated pest management strategies and to learn about on-going projects searching for alternative control measures and novel control techniques. There were 77 participants from 22 EPPO countries and Canada, 12 agrochemical companies and 4 consultancy firms. NPPOs, Universities, Agricultural Research Institutes and breeding companies were all represented.


Workshop participants – more pictures  


Special thanks are due to Mr Udo Heimbach (JKI-Braunschweig) and JKI Berlin-Dahlem staff for the excellent local organization. The EPPO Secretariat would also like to thank all participants and in particular the speakers, session chairs, and the Organizing Committee (Gunilla Berg, Udo Heimbach, Sue Mattock, Ralf Nauen and Manuela Specht) who helped in structuring this workshop and finalizing the conclusions.





Workshop presentations

The Workshop was organized as a series of lectures (41 in total). The speakers are listed below and the PowerPoint presentations of majority of talks are available (click on the links below to see the presentations): 

Welcome and Opening address were made by Mr Heimbach (JKI) and Ms Zlof (EPPO)


Introductory presentations (session chaired by Mr Heimbach)



Country presentations of current situation and recommendations on controlling oilseed rape insect pests with particular reference to resistance management (session chaired by Mr Heimbach and Ms Mattock)


Industry Presentations: Chemical control options, the status of available active substances including risk assessment concerning resistance to different substances (session chaired by Mr Nauen)


Control of autumn pests after the loss of neonicotinoid seed treatment in oilseed rape (session chaired by Mr Delos)


Improving pesticide use (session chaired by Lovisa Eriksson)


Integrated Pest Management (session chaired by Ms Cook and Ms Zlof)


Host plant resistance (breeding) (session chaired by Ms Zlof)


IPM4Meligethes: Novel Biosafe IPM Strategies to Manage Pesticide Resistance in Pollen Beetles, Heikki Hokkanen (University of Helsinki), Guy Smagghe (Ghent University), Gabor Lövei (Aarhus University), Eve Veromann (Estonian University of life Sciences).



Organizing Committee

Udo Heimbach, Julius Kühn-Institute, Braunschweig, DE
Sue Mattock, Chemicals Regulation Directorate, York, GB
Gunilla Berg, Swedish Board of Agriculture, Alnarp, SE
Ralf Nauen, Bayer AG, IRAC Intl. Vice Chair & Coleoptera WG Leader, DE
Manuela Specht, Union for the Promotion of Oil and Protein Plants (UFOP), DE
Vlasta Zlof, EPPO