Short reports of EPPO Meetings



A large part of EPPO activities is dedicated to the organization of technical meetings (Working Parties, Panels and Expert Working Groups). Technical meetings involve experts designated by the NPPOs of EPPO member countries, and are organized by the EPPO Secretariat in collaboration with hosting NPPOs when meetings are not taking place at the EPPO headquarters. One of the main tasks of these meetings is to prepare regional standards.


In addition, EPPO organizes international Conferences, Workshops and Colloquia on various scientific subjects related to plant protection for a wider audience (e.g. researchers, administrators, phytosanitary inspectors, risk analysts and risk managers, plant protection products specialists). The objectives are to share information, facilitate networking, and promote international cooperation.


Short reports of EPPO meetings can be found on this website.


Expert Working Group on Regulated Non-Quarantine Pests (Turkey, 2017)


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