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EPPO Bulletin

The EPPO Bulletin is the official journal of the Organization where all EPPO Standards and other recommendations are published. It also contains scientific papers covering regulatory aspects of plant protection. The EPPO Bulletin is available as a paper journal and also on-line from the website of the editor (Wiley Online Library).


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EPPO Reporting Service

The EPPO Reporting Service is a free monthly newsletter sent by email. It contains short articles prepared by the EPPO Secretariat on new outbreaks, emerging pests and other events of phytosanitary concern.


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Newsletter of the EPPO Network of experts on Agrilus planipennis

The EPPO Network of experts working on surveillance, monitoring, and control of the Emerald ash borer, Agrilus planipennis was established in October 2022. A free newsletter containing information about monitoring, distribution, trapping and management of A. planipennis is published every two months and sent to the members of the Network.


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EPPO Communication kits

Since the 2010s, EPPO has started to work in the area of communication by producing templates of posters and leaflets in order to help its member countries in their communication campaigns. NPPOs are encouraged to use these templates and adapt them to their own needs. NPPOs are kindly invited to provide feed-back to the EPPO Secretariat on how these documents have been used in practice.


  • Don't Risk It!: the objective of this poster and accompanying leaflet was to raise public awareness about the risks of moving plants and their associated pests during international travel and to encourage responsible behaviour.


  • Pest-specific posters and leaflets: the objective of this work was to provide NPPOs with templates that could be easily adapted to different types of pest-specific information campaigns (e.g. early warning, pest reporting, containment and eradication programmes).







EPPO Technical Documents

Since its creation in 1951, EPPO has published a large number of Technical Documents (download a list ). In the past, these documents appeared in the separate series, A, B, C and D which were gathered under the single title 'EPPO Technical Documents' in 1990. The most recent EPPO Technical Documents can be downloaded below, earlier ones are available on request from the EPPO Secretariat.





Brochure of EPPO Standards on Good Plant Protection Practice

For each major crop of the EPPO region (download a list ), standards on good plant protection practice recommend methods for controlling pests (including pathogens and weeds) by judicious use of plant protection products and other means of control. For each pest, details are given on biology and development, and appropriate control strategies are described. This brochure published in 2005 contains the complete collection of 33 EPPO Standards on good plant protection practice approved by Council until 2004.


Price: 60 EUR

To order, contact the EPPO Secretariat: hq@eppo.int 






Books on Quarantine Pests

In the 1990s, EPPO and CABI published a series of books on quarantine pests which provided an extensive set of datasheets, pictures and distribution maps for quarantine pests listed in Europe. These books also constituted a milestone in the collaboration between the EU, EPPO and CABI.  Their contents served as the basis of databases on pests and diseases which were developped by CABI (Compendia) and EPPO (PQR and EPPO Global Database).

  • Smith IM, McNamara DG, Scott PR, Holderness M (eds) (1996) Quarantine Pests for Europe (2nd edition) – Data Sheets on quarantine pests for the European Union and for the European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization. CABI, Wallingford (GB), 1425 pp.
  • Smith IM, Roy AS (eds) (1996) Illustrations of Quarantine Pests for Europe. CABI, Wallingford (GB), 241 pp.
  • Smith IM, Charles LMF (1998) Distribution Maps of Quarantine Pests for Europe. CABI, Wallingford (GB), 768 pp.


The English version of Quarantine Pests for Europe can be ordered from the CABI Bookshop
The French version ‘Organismes de Quarantaine pour l’Europe’ has been sold out and is no longer available from the EPPO Secretariat. However, all datasheets have been transferred in the EPPO Global Database.


Illustrations of Quarantine Pests for Europe can be ordered (120 EUR) from the EPPO Secretariat: hq@eppo.int 


Distribution Maps of Quarantine Pests for Europe can be ordered from the CABI Bookshop