EPPO mailing lists and newsletters


The EPPO Secretariat maintains the following mailing lists and newsletters to which any interested person can subscribe (free of charge):

  • EPPO Standards: you will receive messages when new or revised EPPO Standards are published (up to 3 times a year).
  • EPPO Reporting Service: you will receive every month in your mailbox the EPPO Reporting Service which contains news in plant quarantine (English version - PDF file).
  • Service d’Information OEPP: vous recevrez tous les mois dans votre boite de courrier électronique le Service d’Information OEPP (version française – fichier PDF) qui contient des actualités sur la quarantaine végétale.
  • EPPO Codes Monthly Newsletter: you will receive every month in your mailbox a summary of the main changes that have been made to the EPPO Codes (creation and deactivation of codes).



EPPO Standards



EPPO Reporting Service



Service d’Information OEPP



EPPO Codes Monthly Newsletter




How to subscribe?

Subscription to the EPPO mailing lists should be done via the EPPO Global Database (GD) 

  1. Go to the EPPO Global Database
  2. Register as a new user of GD (free and simple procedure) and login
    Login if you already are a registered user of GD
  3. In your dashboard, select the newsletter(s) you are interested in by ticking the appropriate box(es)



How to unsubscribe?

In your dashboard, untick the appropriate box(es).





If needed, more detailed instructions can be downloaded here 

If you encounter difficulties in subscribing to the EPPO mailing lists and newsletters, contact the EPPO Secretariat