EPPO Secretariat



The EPPO Secretariat prepares and runs all meetings, and coordinates the activity which arises from them. It is responsible for all publication and information services (including databases). Since 2014 and 2015, EPPO is hosting Euphresco and the EU Minor Uses Coordination Facility (MUCF), respectively. The EPPO Secretariat is headed by a Director-General and an Assistant Director.


 Nico HORN - Director-General

 Françoise PETTER - Assistant Director


EPPO team missing Ewa Matyjaszczyk who was on duty (EPPO headquarters, Paris, October 2019)



Composition of the EPPO Secretariat

This section gives a brief indication of each person’s main role and responsibilities.



Nico HORN is responsible to the Council for the overall direction of EPPO, chairs the two Working Parties and several Panels, and leads on development and implementation of the work programme.


Assistant Director

Françoise PETTER leads the programme of the Working Party on Phytosanitary Regulations, including work on Pest Risk Analysis and Diagnostics, and chairs the Panel on Phytosanitary Measures and the six Diagnostics Panels. She also participates in some projects in the area of diagnostics and phytosanitary measures (including the transfer of the Q-bank database to EPPO).



Scientific Officers

Baldissera GIOVANI supports the work of three of EPPO’s Diagnostics Panels and participates in projects.


Valerio LUCCHESI supports the plant protection products programme and projects within that programme, such as EPPO Codes for Crop Groups, and he also supports the Panel on Global Phytosanitary Affairs. 


Ewa MATYJASZCZYK is responsible for the programme of the Working Party on Plant Protection Products.


Madeleine McMULLEN manages the production of the EPPO Bulletin, edits EPPO’s outputs in English, and supports two EPPO’s Diagnostics Panels. She also participates in projects with diagnostic components.


Andrei ORLINSKI leads the programmes of work on quarantine pests for forestry and biological control agents, and leads on communications with Russian speaking experts in the EPPO region.


Camille PICARD continues a secondment from the Ministry of Agriculture of France. He concluded the project developing recommendations on Regulated Non-Quarantine Pests for the EU and currently works on PRA for quarantine pests, the XF-ACTORS project and supports the Panels on phytosanitary measures for potato and Phytosanitary measures. EPPO is very grateful for this additional support provided by France for the work of the Organization.


Anne-Sophie ROY leads the work on horizon scanning, manages the monthly EPPO Reporting Service, EPPO Alert List, manages the EPPO website and EPPO Global Database, and leads the projects on EPPO Codes and revision of EPPO Datasheets.


Muriel SUFFERT supports the Panel on Phytosanitary Measures, carries out pest risk analysis (PRA), manages the EPPO Platform on PRA. She is the EPPO community manager and has taken new responsibilities on activities related to information services (EPPO Reporting Service and EPPO Global Database).


Rob TANNER, leads the programme of work on Invasive Alien Plants (IAP), including managing the outputs of the EU LIFE Project on risks from IAPs, produces the monthly IAP section of the EPPO Reporting Service and supports the Panels on phytosanitary inspections and biological control agents.


Charlotte TRONTIN works on the EU-funded project Valitest and supports the work on diagnostics.



IT Officers

Nathalie BOUTRON provides IT support to EPPO including development of websites and databases. She also participates in projects.


Damien GRIESSINGER leads the development of EPPO’s IT systems including webservices and databases, and manages the EPPO administrative support team. He also participates in many projects to provide IT support.



Administrative Staff

Eliane MADENE is responsible for all aspects of administration and financial record keeping and worked with EPPO’s chartered accountant to produce the annual accounts.


Cintia MAUCHIEN supervises the administrative support team, and provides support on administrative and financial aspects of projects, including the MUCF.


Joséphine MEYER provides assistance across many areas of EPPO’s work, including organisation of technical meetings, and translations into French.


Diana RYZHKOVA assists with organisation of technical meetings and translated documents into Russian and provides interpretation to and from Russian.




Hosted networks


Baldissera GIOVANI works as Co-ordinator of Euphresco.


COORDINATOR (Vacancy) leads the EU Minor Uses Co-ordination Facility (MUCF), which is hosted by EPPO.




Nathalie BOUTRON provides IT support to MUCF, including development of website and databases.