EPPO Standards - PP 2 Good Plant Protection Practice


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This series of EPPO Standards on Good Plant Protection Practice is also available as a paper brochure.


Number Title French
PP 2 General introduction -
PP 2/1(2) Principles of good plant protection practice FR
PP 2/2(2) Potato FR
PP 2/3(2) Lettuce under protected cultivation  FR
PP 2/4(1) Allium crops FR
PP 2/5(1) Rodent control for crop protection and on farms FR
PP 2/6(1) Hop FR
PP 2/7(1) Vegetable brassicas FR
PP 2/8(1) Rape FR
PP 2/9(1) Strawberry FR
PP 2/10(1) Wheat FR
PP 2/11(1) Barley FR
PP 2/12(1) Beet FR
PP 2/13(1) Ornamentals under protected cultivation FR
PP 2/14(1) Pea FR
PP 2/15(1) Tobacco FR
PP 2/16(1) Farm grassland FR
PP 2/17(1) Maize FR
PP 2/18(1) Pome fruits FR
PP 2/19(1) Rye FR
PP 2/20(1) Mushrooms FR
PP 2/21(1) Sunflower FR
PP 2/22(1) Umbelliferous crops FR
PP 2/23(1) Grapevine FR
PP 2/24(1) Oat FR
PP 2/25(1) Leguminous forage crops FR
PP 2/26(1) Ribes and Rubus crops FR
PP 2/27(1) Citrus + erratum -
PP 2/28(1) Cotton -
PP 2/29(1) Solanaceous crops under protected cultivation -
PP 2/30(1) Outdoor solanaceous crops -
PP 2/31(1) Cucurbits under protected cultivation -
PP 2/32(1) Outdoor cucurbits -
PP 2/33(1) Stone fruits  -