Calendar of EPPO meetings for 2018


Conferences and Workshops

title date (year/month/day) location
EEC/EPPO Workshop on Regulated Pests: risk analysis and listing – view conclusions 2018-06-06/08 Moscow
Euphresco Workshop on Barcoding (1st Workshop) – registration closed 2018-10-09/12


Workshop on comparative zonal assessment - REGISTER! 2018-10-24/25 Lisbon

Contingency Exercise Workshop for a Forestry Pest – PRE-REGISTER!

2018-11-27/29 Zlatibor (Serbia)
Training Workshop: Introduction to methodologies for conducting Pest Risk Analysis for Invasive Alien Plants –  PRE-REGISTER! 2018-11-30/12-01 Belgrade (Serbia)
Euphresco Workshop on Barcoding (2nd Workshop) – registration closed 2018-12-11/14 Wageningen (NL)



title date (year/month/day) location
Global Phytosanitary Affairs 2018-01-31/02-02 Paris
General Standards 2018-02-19/21 Paris

Phytosanitary measures for potato

2018-02-20/22 Paris
Harmonization of data on plant protection products (EPPO Codes) 2018-03-05/07 Paris
Diagnostics and Quality Assurance 2018-03-05/07 Portugal
Herbicides-PGRs 2018-03-12/14 Brno (CZ)
Phytosanitary measures 2018-03-27/29 Paris
EWG on Heterobasidion irregulare (EPPO PM9 Standard) 2018-04-05/06 Anzio, Rome
Global Phytosanitary Affairs 2018-04-25/27 Paris
Quarantine Pests for Forestry 2018-05-16/18 Prague
Diagnostics in Entomology 2018-05-23/25 Budapest
Invasive Alien Plants 2018-06-06/08 Netherlands
EWG on Huanglongbing (EPPO PM9 Standard) 2018-07-02/06 Valencia (ES)
Global Phytosanitary Affairs 2018-09-04/07 Moscow
Resistance to PPPs 2018-09-11/12 Paris
Plant protection information 2018-10-04/05 Paris
Biological control agents (EPPO/OIBC) 2018-10-17/19 Paris
Diagnostics in Mycology 2018-10-10/12 Malta
Phytosanitary Measures 2018-10-23/25 Valencia (ES)
Fungicides-Insecticides 2018-11-20/22 Paris
Diagnostics in Bacteriology 2018-11-20/22 Merelbeke (BE)
Colorado beetle 2018-12-04/05 Jersey
Phytosanitary Inspections 2018-12-11/12 Paris


Expert Working Groups

title date (year/month/day) location
EWG for PRA on Invasive Alien Plants (Life project) 2018-03-12/16 Paris
EWG for PRA: Bark and ambrosia beetle in non coniferous wood 2018-03-13/16  Paris
EWG for PRA: Bark and ambrosia beetle in non coniferous wood (2nd meeting) 2018-06-14/15 Paris
EWG for PRA: to be decided to be decided ?


Working Parties

title date (year/month/day) location
Plant Protection Products 2018-05-23/25 The Hague (NL)
Phytosanitary Regulations 2018-06-19/22 Bergen (NO)


Executive Committee

title date (year/month/day) location
Executive Committee Meeting 2018-06-04/05 Paris
Executive Committee Meeting 2018-09-24 Paris



title date (year/month/day) location
Administrative Session 2018-09-25/26 Paris
Euphresco Science Day 2018-09-27 Paris