Special projects


In addition to its regular programme of activities, EPPO participates in various projects that are conducted over a fixed period of time and that may be funded by the Organization itself, a number of its members, or other organizations (e.g. EU). 


Completed projects

  • Quarantine Pests for Europe: EU funded project which allowed the preparation and publication of more than 300 datasheets on regulated pests.
  • EPPO project on quarantine pests for forestry (2000-2005): analysis of potential risks presented by forest pests present in the former USSR (particularly in its Asian part) for the EPPO region.
  • TESTA (2012-2015): was a project financed by the 7th Framework Program of the European Union on Seed health: development of seed treatment methods, evidence for seed transmission and assessment of seed health.
  • Q-detect: was a multi-disciplinary research network focused on developing innovative tools that enhance the capacity of phytosanitary inspectors to protect European agriculture and forestry sectors from invasive pests.
  • Q-collect (2013-2015): was a project financed by the 7th Framework Program of the European Union. It aims to improve the status of reference collections important to plant health.
  • EU project DROPSA (2014-2018): preparation of alert lists of pests likely to be introduced in the EU with table grapes, apples, oranges and mandarins, and Vaccinium berries.
  • EU project on RNQPs (2016-2018):  screening methodology and preparation of a first list of Regulated Non-Quarantine Pests for the EU.



On-going projects