EPPO Information Project – Revision of the EPPO datasheets

March 2020 – September 2024 

Grant agreement SANTE/2020/G1/EPPO/SI2.823766




As the majority of the EPPO datasheets on pests recommended for regulation were last published in 1997, it was felt necessary to revise them or prepare new ones when still missing. In 2018, the EPPO Council accepted to initiate a project dedicated to the revision of the EPPO datasheets, and special funding was secured to pay experts to draft or revise datasheets. It was also considered that this project would provide the opportunity to create dynamic datasheets in which sections on pest identity, host range and geographical distribution would be automatically generated by the EPPO Global Database. Finally, as the European Commission considered that it was appropriate to provide additional resources to EPPO to ensure that this revision will include as far as possible all pests of particular importance for the EU, a grant agreement was signed on the 5th of March 2020. A list of 321 pests has been agreed between EPPO and the European Commission, for which new or revised datasheets are being prepared.


Objectives of the project

  • Update the contents of the EPPO datasheets on regulated pests
  • Transform static documents into dynamic datasheets that are displayed in the EPPO Global Database






Progress made (January 2024)

  • More than 190 experts have already accepted to participate in this project
  • 292 new and revised datasheets have been published in the EPPO Global Database





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