PRATIQUE was an EC-funded 7th Framework research project designed to address the major challenges for pest risk analysis (PRA) in Europe. It ran from 2008 to 2011.


A summary of the objectives of the project is available here:

Baker RH, Battisti A, Bremmer J, Kenis M, Mumford J, Petter F, Schrader G, Bacher S, De Barro P, Hulme PE, Karadjova O (2009) PRATIQUE: a research project to enhance pest risk analysis techniques in the European Union. EPPO Bulletin 39(1), 87-93.


In addition 15 articles on the main achievements of the project were published in the EPPO Bulletin in 2012:


Note that the software CAPRA which had been developed to assist pest risk analysts in running the EPPO decision-support scheme for PRA and other decision-support schemes has been discontinued in 2022.


Some deliverables that are mentioned in the EPPO guidance for EPPO Standard PM 5/5 Decision-Support Scheme for an Express Pest Risk Analysis are available below: