Feed-back from NPPOs on the ‘Don’t Risk It!’ campaign



Since 2013, many EPPO member countries have used the EPPO templates in their national awareness raising campaigns targeted at travellers and tourists to warn them about the risks of moving plants and to encourage responsible behaviour. The EPPO Secretariat is always very happy to receive feed-back from NPPOs on how these templates have been used in practice and to display on this webpage translations, shared experiences and pictures of the poster in situ.



Translations of the EPPO poster in different languages



Dutch (Belgium)


French (Corsica for Xylella fastidiosa)






Russian (Estonian NPPO)







German (Austria)


Italian  (Corsica for Xylella fastidiosa)






Russian (Polish NPPO)











Italian (Campania region)












Don’t pack any risks! – Switzerland 2022

During summer 2022, Switzerland launched a communication campaign to raise awareness of international travellers about the risks of transporting plants (and animals) in their luggage. A dedicated webpage with videos and flyers has been prepared in German, French, Italian and English.

Don’t pack any risks!





RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2022 – United Kingdom

The Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) of the United Kingdom is currently participating in the Royal Horticultural Society Flower Show (Chelsea, GB, 2022-05-23/28). The ‘Don’t Risk It!’ slogan is being used to attract attention from the horticultural industry and the general public to the risks of carrying plants when travelling abroad.




Videos prepared by Italy


Regione Lombardia for EXPO Milano 2015


Italian version (60s)

English version (60s)

Arabic version (60s)



Regione Toscana in 2018 – Italy



English version (30s)

Italian version (30s)




Video produced by the ORPRAMed project






Awareness raising campaign Ukraine in 2020

The NPPO of Ukraine has prepared posters, leaflets and luggage tags with the ‘Don’t Risk It!’ slogan. These items were placed in places where they could be seen by travelers - at airports, seaports, railway and bus stations, travel agencies, customs, as well as distributed among participants in meetings and seminars held in different regions of Ukraine in 2020.


Boryspil Airport


Automobile point of entry. Border customs
post in Vinnytsia region

Odessa Airport


Travel agency in Lviv

Bus station in Poltava


Sea port in Kherson



Railway station in Poltava


Sea port in Kherson


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Awareness raising campaign at the Riga International Airport

On the 15th of October 2018, the State Plant Protection Service of Latvia organized a one day action at the Riga International Airport. This action took place in the framework of the national awareness raising campaign ‘Don’t Risk It!’. A nice video of the event can be viewed on YouTube, and many pictures were kindly provided to the EPPO Secretariat. Warm thanks are due to the Latvian team!



Video of the awareness raising campaign 
















More pictures 





Experience at Naples Airport (IT)

Social information campaigns serve to inform the public and all the relevant actors to induce changes in people behavior. With the support of the EPPO Secretariat in Paris, the Plant Protection Service of Campania Region (part of the NPPO of Italy) has designed and built an information campaign about the risks of introducing organisms that are harmful to plants and plant products via passenger baggage. The actions started with the drafting and publication of posters and brochures, using the form supplied by the EPPO Secretariat, entitled "Don’t Risk It".


In a second phase, distribution of this material was organized by the PPS inspectors staff at the Naples airport, with the participation of the airport managing body (Gesac Capodichino Naples Airport). Participation and direct contact between authorities (police, customs, etc.) and passengers by the inspectors enhanced the understanding of the importance of the problem and this was found to work better than just displaying a poster on the wall. Passengers (mainly tourists) and airport staff, were curious and appreciative about this unique new initiative, and also asked questions. Many people were familiar with the history of the latest phytosanitary emergencies in the regional and national territories such as Rhynchophorus ferrugineus (red palm weewil), Dryocosmus kuriphilus (chestnut gall wasp), Toumeyella parvicornis (pine caribbean scale), Aromia bungii (redneck longhorned beetle).


The information campaign was launched in parallel with the start of phytosanitary inspection of passenger baggage in collaboration with the Naples Customs Agency 1, with which a memorandum of understanding (MOU) has been signed for the implementation of these initiatives.


Warm thanks are due to Dr Eduardo Ucciero – Plant Inspector – Regional Plant Protection Service, Campania (IT) who kindly prepared this short paper.









Collaboration in Naples airport: a Custom Officer controlling a passenger from Bangladesh with a phytosanitary inspector specialist.


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EPPO poster displayed at various airports and seaports 

The pictures below of the  EPPO poster displayed at various airports and seaports were kindly given by NPPOs and many travellers. More can be viewed in the EPPO Gallery.

If the EPPO poster has also been displayed in your country, please let us know and send us a picture!


Jersey airport
Courtesy: Scott Meadows (States of Jersey 
Environmental Management and Rural Economy)



Lisboa airport (Portugal)
Courtesy: Ana Paula de Almeida Cruz de Carvalho
(DGAV, Portugal)


Railway station (Milano, Italy)
Courtesy: Mariangela Ciampitti, ERSAF-Lombardia (IT)


Findel airport (Luxembourg)
Courtesy: Nadine Kieffer (NPPO of Luxembourg)


Valencia airport, Spain
Courtesy: Wolfgang Willig (Germany)


Estonian national airport
Courtesy: Mart Kinkar (NPPO of Estonia)


Larnaka airport (Cyprus)
Courtesy: Rob Tanner (EPPO)


Sarajevo airport (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
Courtesy: Administration of Bosnia and Herzegovina for Plant Health Protection


Chisinau airport (Moldova)
Courtesy: Valerio Lucchesi (EPPO)



Ascension Island (GB) – the farthest outpost!
Courtesy: Vicky Knight


Istanbul airport (Turkey)
Courtesy: Serkan Soykan (Ministry of Food, Agriculture 
and Livestock, Ankara)


Malta cruise terminal
Courtesy: Clifford Borg (Plant Health Directorate, Malta)


Railway station (Milano, Italy)
Courtesy: Mariangela Ciampitti, ERSAF-Lombardia (IT)


Funchal airport - Madeira (Portugal)
Courtesy: Camille Picard (EPPO)


Airport in Hungary
Courtesy: György Pataky (NPPO of Hungary)


Riga airport (Latvia)
Courtesy: Kristina Kjago (NPPO of Latvia)


Larnaka airport (Cyprus)
Courtesy: Shlomit Zioni (NPPO of Israel)


Heraklion airport (Crete, GR)
Courtesy: Mediterranean Phytopathological Union (MPU)


El. Venizelos International Airport of Athens
Courtesy: Department of Phytosanitary Control (GR)


Frankfurt International airport
Dr. Christian Hillnhütter (Plant Protection Service, Hesse, DE)


Elazig airport (Turkey)
Courtesy: Flora Limache
(EU Minor Uses Coordination Facility)


Malpensa airport (Milano, Italy)
Courtesy: Mariangela Ciampitti, ERSAF-Lombardia (IT)


In the train (Malpensa express, Italy)
Courtesy: Mariangela Ciampitti, ERSAF-Lombardia (IT)


Valencia airport, Spain
Courtesy: Wolfgang Willig (Germany)


Roissy airport (France) with a focus on Xylella fastidiosa
Courtesy: Anne-Sophie Roy (EPPO)


Bucuresti airport - Romania
Courtesy: Florica Gogu (NPPO of Romania)


Sarajevo airport (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
Courtesy: Administration of Bosnia and Herzegovina for Plant Health Protection


Frankfurt international airport

Courtesy: Wolfgang Willig (DE)


Manchester International Airport
Courtesy: Alan MacLeod (Apha, GB)


GroSouth horticultural trade show (GB)
Courtesy: Lucy Carson-Taylor (Apha, GB)




EPPO poster and leaflet on national websites

Service public fédéral. Santé publique, sécurité de la chaine alimentaire et environnement.
Vacances à l'étranger?
Vakantie in het buitenland?


Journal für Kulturpflanzen 66. 2014, p 147.


Leaflet focussing on Xylella fastidiosa to protect Corsica


Leaflet (for EXPO Milano 2015) - in Italian and in English
Leaflet (Campania region 2017) - in Italian and in English



Don’t Risk It! – Awareness raising campaign. Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine


Leaflet in Latvian


Ministry for sustainable development the environment and climate change.
Publications and articles
Leaflet in English


Leaflet in Polish
PIORIN web site: poster and leaflet


Leaflet in Portuguese


Leaflet in Slovene
Information campaign on the NPPO website - in Slovene and in English


Leaflet in Turkish



Leaflet in Ukrainian

Luggage tag in Ukrainian