Webinar on Pest Reporting




The EPPO Webinar on Pest Reporting took take place on the 6th of June 2023, and was attended by 158 participants. The objectives of this Webinar were to improve the understanding of pest reporting obligations including pest status determination, to share experience and discuss pest reporting procedures. 


The EPPO Secretariat warmly thanks all attendees for their active participation during the webinar, and in particular all speakers who had kindly agreed to make presentations and share their experience on pest reporting with the audience.




IPPC national reporting obligations and pest reporting – Dominique Menon, IPPC Secretariat
IPPC Guides and training materials: tools to enhance national phytosanitary capacity – Juan Antonio Rull Gabayet, IPPC Secretariat
EU regulation on pest outbreak reporting – Panagiota Mylona, European Commission
Pest Reporting Practice in Georgia – Mariam Chubinishvili, NPPO of Georgia, GE
Benefits and challenges of pest reporting from a national perspective using the example of Germany – Katrin Kaminski, JKI, DE
Planning of controls and pests reporting procedures in Poland – Paula Całusińska, Polish NPPO, PL
Pest reporting in the NAPPO region – Stephanie Bloem and Ignacio Baez, NAPPO
From information to policy – Panagiota Mylona, European Commission
Use of pest reports by EPPO – Anne-Sophie Roy and Muriel Suffert, EPPO
Poll results (two questions asked to the audience after the webinar)

A video with most presentations is available on YouTube 



Organizing Committee

Manana Bolotashvili – Head of the Division for Protocol and Relations with International Organizations, International Relations Department, Georgia

Mariam Chubinishvili – Deputy Head of the Plant Protection Department, National Food Agency, Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia

Katrin Kaminski – Julius Kuehn Institute (JK), Germany

Dani Lindley-Klassen – Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, United Kingdom

Nikoloz Meskhi – Head of the Plant Protection Department, National Food Agency, Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia



Nico Horn (Director General - EPPO)

Muriel Suffert (EPPO)

Anne-Sophie Roy (EPPO)