EPPO is actively supporting the  International Year of Plant Health (IYPH)


On this page the EPPO Secretariat would like to display the IYPH activities that are planned within the EPPO region by the Organization itself and its member countries.



The International Year of Plant Health has officially been launched !

Plant health exhibits hosted by Ireland and Italy at the International Year of Plant Health launch event – IPPC



EPPO activities related to the IYPH

  • EPPO’s participation in the ‘Salon de l’Agriculture’ (Paris, 23rd and 24th of February 2020), at the kind invitation of ANSES

Members of the EPPO Secretariat participated in the Salon de l’Agriculture to present EPPO’s activities, in particular the ‘Don’t Riskt It! campaign which is addressed to international travellers. Beastie the Bug was inevitably there. This was also an opportunity for the Directors of EPPO and Anses to exchange views on their present and future collaborations.

Many thanks to the Anses team for their warm welcome.







  • Beastie the Bug

Beastie the Bug is an invasive pest which seriously damages wild and cultivated plants. Several specimens have started to spread from the EPPO headquarters where the first outbreak was detected at the end of 2019. Since the beginning of 2020, Beastie has started to spread across the world. If you see it, capture Beastie, and share your finding with everyone!


It is hoped that this communication campaign will provide a unique opportunity to share opinions, experiences, feelings, as well as nice photos about the importance of plant health, not only among experts of the EPPO region but with everyone around the world. The objective is to raise public awareness about plant health issues during the International Year of Plant Health.


Beastie the Bug has a dedicated website and a Twitter account, where participants can post pictures and write short stories about plant health.

Website: https://beastiebug.eppo.int/

Twitter: ‎@bug_beastie


Have fun with Beastie the Bug!





His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales at the Plant Health and Biosecurity conference
at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew where he delivered a speech supporting the
protection of plant health and was gifted his own Beastie the Bug,
as part of the European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization’s (EPPO)
awareness raising campaign.










  • Don’t Risk It! poster and luggage tag with the IYPH logo

The EPPO poster ‘Don’t Risk it’ has been translated into the six official FAO languages (English, French, Russian, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic) and the IYPH logo has been inserted.


The EPPO luggage tag has also been rebranded with the IYPH logo.


NPPOs are encouraged to use these documents in their national communication campaigns that are targeting international passengers.


All necessary files (native format and PDF exports) can be obtained from this webpage.







  • EPPO Calendar for 2020

A calendar has been prepared by the EPPO Secretariat to celebrate the International Year of Plant Health with photos that have kindly been uploaded on the EPPO Global Database.  This calendar has been offered to all delegates during the 69th Council Session (September 2019)  and has been distributed to Panel members and EPPO partners.


The EPPO Secretariat warmly thanks all photographers for sharing these great images with the plant health community!





and more ...


  • Other activities planned
    • EPPO Fellowship Fund (in preparation, information to be provided in due course)
    • Participation in organizing the International Plant Health Conference ‘Protecting Plant Health in a changing world’ (Paasitorni Conference Centre, Helsinki, Finland, 5 to 8 October 2020)

    • Special cover for the EPPO Bulletin




EPPO member countries’ activities related to IYPH

The EPPO Secretariat would be pleased to receive from NPPOs in the EPPO region, information about the activities that are planned for 2020 to celebrate the International Year of Plant Health (e.g. dates and venues of meetings or special events, short descriptions of communication campaigns, links to dedicated webpages).


Contact the EPPO Secretariat: iyph@eppo.int 


Country Activities



United Kingdom





Communication material is available from the FAO website: spread the message!


Important note: NPPOs and RPPOs do not need prior authorization for use of the IYPH visual identity but other entities need to ask permission.


           Contact at FAO

           IYPH mailbox – iyph@fao.org