How and where can I find the latest version of an EPPO Standard? 



The majority of EPPO Standards are approved at Council at its annual meeting in September. An exception to this is made for the pest-specific diagnostic Standards (series PM7) which undergo a fast-track procedure (details of both procedures are given in


As soon as these Standards are approved these are the valid versions recommended for use by EPPO countries. However, for logistical reasons it takes some time to publish these new and revised Standards in the EPPO Bulletin. Additionally these are initially made available via ‘early view’ and then as the final paginated version in the compiled paper issues published 3 times a year It is possible to sign up for content alerts which will inform you when a new or revised Standard is online. All Phytosanitary Measures Standards are free access in the EPPO Bulletin and some of the Phytosanitary Procedures Standards are free access while others are paid access, and these generally accessed via the PP1 database. It may however take 1 to 3 days before the Standards become free access once they appear online.


Once there is a finalized paginated version of a Standard, the EPPO Secretariat ensures that links to these Standards are available on the EPPO Website and that pdf copies of the Standards are available as part of EPPO Global Database


However, as this is a time consuming procedure, there is a time delay between approval and availability on our websites and databases.


If you need a copy of an EPPO Standard rapidly after approval, for example to show an accreditation body, or to translate into a national language, please contact the EPPO Secretariat at or if you have a query about when the published version will appear in the EPPO Bulletin please contact the Managing Editor and we will provide you with the latest approved version. Every year, a list of approved Standards is published on our website shortly after Council under meetings ‘Council Session’. The Standards approved by the fast-track procedure will also be listed there.


Finally, the EPPO Secretariat sends an email to all subcribers of the ‘Standards’ mailing list when new or revised Standards are published in the compiled paper issue of the EPPO Bulletin.