11th Meeting of the EPPO Panel on Phytosanitary Inspections

Paris, 2023-12-12/13



Current PM 3 Standards under development

The Panel reviewed the development of three new inspection Standards which include a draft PM 3 Standard on Inspection of plants for planting with growing medium (including soil), a draft PM 3 Standard on Inspection for invasive alien plants at borders (jointly prepared with the EPPO Panel on Invasive Alien Plants) and a draft PM 3 Standard on Official controls of passenger luggage at points of entry. The Panel finalised the drafts and agreed that all three are ready for country consultation.


Consignment inspections – Courtesy Muriel Suffert (EPPO)

Strawberry plants for planting – Courtesy Muriel Suffert (EPPO)



Updating existing inspection Standards

The Panel reviewed an outline for the revision of the EPPO Standard PM 3/29(1) General export inspection procedure for glasshouse and nursery enterprises. The Panel noted that the scope of the update will be widened to include plant products. The Panel also agreed to have a sub-group of the Panel assess the potential for an update of the EPPO Standard PM 3/72 Elements common to inspection of places of production, area-wide surveillance, inspection of consignments and lot identification. The sub-group will report their recommendation at the Panel meeting in December. The Panel noted that PM 3/73(1) Consignment inspection of Fragaria plants for planting should be updated in 2024/25.



Development of new inspection Standards

The Panel discussed priorities from the 2024 work-programme and agreed that two Standards can be developed, a Standard on inspection of consignments of woody plants for planting and a Standard on inspection of consignments of cut flowers. Two-subgroups will be formed in 2024 to draft an outline for each Standard.




The Panel discussed how webinars could be used to raise awareness of new EPPO PM 3 Standards when adopted and published. The Panel agreed to further explore webinars to disseminate such information.


The Panel noted the success of the 2023 Inspectors Workshop on Risk-Based Sampling and Inspection which was held in Bern (CH). The Panel considered the agenda for the 2025 Inspectors workshop and agreed that sessions could include, amongst others, inspection of invasive plants, inspection of e-commerce, and the use of drones in inspection. The plans and logistics for this workshop will be developed throughout 2024.