12th Meeting of the Expert Working Group on Harmonization of data for plant protection products

Teleconference, 2022-02-09




The Expert Working Group on Harmonization of Data for Plant Protection Products (PPP) met by teleconference on 2022-02-09 to discuss the classification of EPPO Codes to describe the uses of PPP. The main reason to develop (non-taxonomic) EPPO Codes for PPP uses is the need for harmonized definitions of declared uses, to facilitate communication in and among countries. This is of particular relevance to registration authorities for data exchange, e.g. within the EU, in the framework of the mutual recognition and zonal assessment. These Codes are available in the  EPPO Global Database  and, presented in a different way, at  The EPPO PPP classification .


The EWG discussed the use of the historical ‘non-taxonomic’ Codes listed in the  EPPO Global Database . They do not belong to the EPPO PPP Classification but sometime overlap with it and may create confusion to some users when accessing the whole content of GD. These historical codes may still be used by EPPO Code users e.g. in old entries and should therefore remain available in the system. However, the EWG recommended that Codes with overlapping concepts should be deactivated. EPPO Code users, implementing only the new classification in their IT systems can exclude these historical Codes.


The EWG continued to discuss the classification of non-taxonomic Codes in the context of PPP efficacy evaluation and based on potential usefulness for registration purposes. They considered some proposals for additional Codes to be included in the classification and, when needed, their definitions. The improvements proposed this year by the EWG will be presented to the Working Party on PPP for approval and integration into the EPPO Global Database.


The EWG discussed the possible revision of EPPO Standard  PP 1/240 Harmonized basic information for databases on PPP  but further discussions are needed to clarify the scope and to understand if it needs to be revised or withdrawn.


The EPPO Codes are used in databases of the European Commission. DG SANTE officials gave an update of the developments of  PPPAMS – Plant Protection Products Application Management System and  IUCLID - International Uniform Chemical Information Database . Both systems successfully use the EPPO Codes. The Minor Uses Coordination Facility presented the use of the EPPO Codes in the  EUMUDA database.


The EWG will continue to meet to update the classification of EPPO Codes for PPP uses. The next meeting is planned for 2023-02-08.