13th Meeting of the Panel on Diagnostics in Nematology 

Teleconference, 2021-04-07/08 


The Panel reviewed several Standards for which revision is in progress (see below) before country consultation and reviewed comments received on other new and revised Standards during country consultation. They were also updated on progress made for a new diagnostic protocol on Meloidogyne graminicola.



Standards under revision 

After country consultation

PM 7/004 Bursaphelenchus xylophilus 
The Panel reviewed the country comments on the main text, for which authors had already provided some responses. In particular, the need for incubation of wood samples before testing was discussed in detail. It was noted that there is no data to compare testing after direct extraction from wood or extraction after incubation from wood. Such an evaluation could form part of a Euphresco project or be conducted by the European Union Reference Laboratory for Plant Parasitic Nematodes. Due to time limitations, it was not possible to discuss the comments on the (existing and those newly proposed) molecular tests in detail so an expert working group (EWG) was formed to work on these further. It was agreed that once the EWG has met and this protocol is finalized, the Protocol should be sent for country consultation for another round of first stage consultation (given the many changes made). 


PM 7/040 Globodera rostochiensis and G. pallida 
The Panel reviewed the country comments. Following the discussions, it was agreed that the EPPO Secretariat will prepare a final version and send this to the Panel to check. It will then be sent for the formal objection stage. 


Before country consultation

PM 7/94 Hirschmanniella spp. 
This protocol was updated to include descriptions of 4 species (H. behningi, H. halophila, H. loofi and H. zostericola).  The Steward explained the other revisions to the keys and the Panel reviewed the protocol. Once the changes are made as agreed during the meeting the Panel this revision will be sent for country consultation.


PM 7/103 Meloidogyne enterolobii 
The Panel reviewed the revision prepared by the Steward. More information will be collected, before it is ready for country consultation. 


PM 7/95 Xiphinema americanum sensu lato 
An Addendum to the Diagnostic Protocol will be prepared to add 2 recently described species.



New Standards

 PM 7/NEW Meloidogyne graminicola 
The drafting group for this protocol provided an update of progress made. 


PM 7/NEW Guidelines on the maintenance of nematode collections after country consultation 
The Panel reviewed comments received during country consultation. The EPPO Secretariat will revised the draft Standard and will send it for formal approval. 

Since the last meeting the following protocol in Nematology was approved and published:

  • PM 7/145 (new) Longidorus diadecturus 



Other topics

The Pictorial Glossary  will reviewed by Panel members before the next meeting. A list of Euphresco projects was presented to the Panel. 
Some Panel members made presentations on:

  • The new  Euphresco Project ‘Survey of pathotypes of Globodera pallida occurring in Europe’. 
  • Beech Leaf Disease. 
  • Meloidogyne mali survey results in the Netherlands
  • Interesting information in nematology. 



Next Panel meeting

The next meeting should be held in Croatia at the end of 2022.


Beastie the bug raising awareness of plant health and having a look at photos
of pine wood nematode specimens and symptoms in the EPPO Global Database.