13th Meeting of the International Pest Risk Research Group

- Globalization and pest invasions: emerging risks and vulnerabilities -

Poznan (PL), 2019-09-03/06





EPPO is pleased to be associated with the International Pest Risk Research Group (IPRRG) for the organization of their next annual meeting in the EPPO region. It will be hosted by the Institute of Plant Protection – National Research Institute (IPP-NRI), Poland from Tuesday 3rd September to Friday 6th September 2019 in PoznaƄ, Poland.


IPRRG consists of dedicated group of research scientists and pest risk practitioners. This year the topic will focus on:

‘Globalization and pest invasions: emerging risks and vulnerabilities’

Globalization intensifies the trade and movement of agricultural and forestry products. Increasing levels of international trade and transport have shown dramatic effects on the spread of invasive alien pests beyond their native distribution ranges, making the protection of national borders against new pest invasions increasingly difficult. The economic developments caused by globalization will, in turn, change pathways and alter invasive species risk patterns.



Additional information

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