56th Meeting of the Panel on CPM affairs

Paris, 2014-04-22/24


The Panel on CPM affairs met in Paris on 2014-04-22/24 in EPPO headquarters. The Panel reviewed decisions taken during the EPPO-NAPPO meeting in 2014-02 and during the CPM in Rome on 2014-03-31/2014-04-04. The following draft International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPMs) were considered:

  • Draft ISPM on the international movement of seed
  • Draft ISPM on minimizing pest movement by sea containers (2008-001)
  • Draft ISPM on the international movement of used vehicles, machinery and equipment
  • Draft amendments to ISPM5 – glossary of phytosanitary terms


Additionally, draft Specifications for ISPMs were discussed:

  • Draft Specification on the International movement of grain (2008-007)
  • Draft Specification on the Revision of ISPM 6 – guidelines for surveillance
  • Draft Guidelines for the use of Phytosanitary treatments as Phytosanitary measures


The discussions were collated as recommendations for the European members of the Standards Committee (SC) in preparation for the SC meeting in May. The revision of the new Standard-setting process, the planned framework for Standards, and the concept of a Standards, all subjects submitted by the IPPC, were also debated within the Panel.