55th Meeting of the Panel on CPM Affairs
Joint EPPO/NAPPO Meeting

Montreal, CA, 2014-02-03/06


The EPPO Panel on CPM affairs (Commission on Phytosanitary Measures) met in Montreal on 2014-02-03/06, and this meeting was combined with the EPPO/NAPPO annual meeting.


During an internal session, the EPPO Panel on CPM affairs discussed comments on two draft specifications for International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPMs), one for a new ISPM - International movement of grain and the second for the revision of ISPM 6 - Guidelines for surveillance.


EPPO and NAPPO members discussed several subjects with a view of exchanging ideas and fostering future agreement:

  • Future focus and frame of possible EPPO-NAPPO meetings
  • Guidance provided to the IPPC by the e-phyto electronic certification program, and the potential IPPC implementation schemes
  • Discussion papers submitted by the USA on evaluation of uncertainty of data used in taking phytosanitary decisions and traceability
  • Review of Standards for adoption at CPM-9
  • Situation of the draft Standard on sea containers:  current draft, suggestions for the addition of more data through statistical analysis of existing data, feasibility of an additional survey.


The topics for the science symposium during CPM-9 were discussed and a common work and presentation program were decided. Several options were suggested for the future of EPPO-NAPPO meetings, and the subject is still open.


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