19th Meeting of the Panel on Phytosanitary Measures for Potato

Edinburgh, GB, 2013-02-12/14


The Panel on Phytosanitary Measures for Potato held its 19th meeting in Edinburgh at the Science and Advice for Scottish Agriculture (SASA), on 2013-02-12/14.


A one-day workshop on the management of Globodera rostochiensis and G. pallida was organized back to back with the Panel meeting and allowed open discussion between experts in particular on the practical implementation of the new EU Control Directive 2007/33/EC. As a result, it was agreed that further guidance may be developed on the use of resistant varieties to suppress potato cyst nematodes, and that surveys should be better harmonized to be able to compare the pest situation in different countries. It was also agreed that the phytosanitary risk of soil attached to potato tubers should be highlighted. The Panel agreed to dedicate a one-day workshop next year to the management of soil waste.


The Panel reviewed the draft regulatory control system Standard (in series PM9) on Meloidogyne chitwoodi and M. fallax. The Panel also considered for the first time a draft procedure on the sampling of unwashed ware potato tubers to detect Globodera rostochiensis and G. pallida (new PM 3). Both drafts will be sent for country consultation.


The Panel also had a brainstorming session on the possible measures to be applied in the case of an outbreak of Epitrix species. Measures will be further elaborated within a National regulatory control system for the next Panel meeting.


The Panel had no time to finalize the revision of PM 8/1(1) Commodity-specific phytosanitary measures for potato and will reconsider it at its next meeting.


Special thanks are due to Mr Jeffries and his colleagues for all the arrangements made to ensure a successful and enjoyable meeting. In particular participants to the Workshop and the Panel had the opportunity to visit SASA facilities dealing with potato health. They were given a presentation the diagnostic and information managing system for potato cyst nematodes, as well as a tour of the quarantine laboratories and SASA's potato nuclear stock unit.


Workshop participants - Courtesy: SASA, Edinburgh - View more pictures