2nd Meeting of the Panel on Diagnostics in Entomology

Montpellier, FR, 2013-02-05/07



Pest-specific protocols

The following new protocol was finalized during the meeting and was considered to be ready, following consultation with the author to be presented for final approval:

  • Tetranychus evansi


The following new protocols were considered ready to be sent to EPPO member governments for their critical comments:

  • Bactrocera zonata
  • Drosophila suzukii


The new protocol on Spodoptera littoralis, Spodoptera litura, Spodoptera frugiperda and Spodoptera eridania and the revised protocol on Aleurocanthus spiniferus & A. woglumi should be revised by their authors taking into account comments and suggestions made at the meeting. They are expected to be sent for country consultation before summer 2013.


The EPPO Secretariat will align the EPPO protocols on Thrips palmi and Trogoderma granarium to the IPPC protocols and post these on the EPPO website.


New or revised drafts of the following protocols are expected:
Ms Balmes (ANSES, FR) will prepare a diagnostic protocol on Anastrepha obliqua. The following pests were considered as possible candidates for the development of new diagnostic protocols if authors can be identified:

  • Agrilus planipennis
  • Aromia bungi
  • Bactericera cockelli (vector of 'Candidatus Liberibacter solanacearum')
  • Keiferia lycopersicella
  • Quadraspidiotus perniciosus
  • Saperda candida


Horizontal diagnostic protocols

Forensics in Entomology presentation from an expert from the French scientific police: The Panel welcomed Mr Pasquerault, from the entomology laboratory of the Forensic Science Institute of the French Gendarmerie, who presented his experience with accreditation of morphological tests in entomology in Forensic Science. This led to detailed discussions on the requirements for morphological identification in plant health which will be described in the new appendix of PM 7/98 (1) Specific requirements for laboratories preparing accreditation for a plant pest diagnostic activity. A draft appendix was written by the Panel on the ‘Morphological and morphometrical methods which the Panel considered validated and can be used in a laboratory without further validation’ in order to present it at the Expert Working Group on the revision of PM 7/98 and to circulate it to the other diagnostics Panels and the European Mycology Network for review. 


Other topics

The new features in the Database on Diagnostic Expertise were presented. Other general discussions included a discussion on collections. Ms Petter (Chairman) presented information on the requests made to EPPO to host the EUPHRESCO Secretariat and also Q-bank. Ms Cruaud and Messrs Rasplus presented the main outcomes of the EU FP7 project QBOL for arthropods. Mr Streito (INRA) presented the collection visit. 


The next Panel meeting is scheduled in 2015 in Paris.