52nd Meeting of the Panel on CPM Affairs

Amsterdam, 2012-09-04/07


The Panel on CPM Affairs met in Amsterdam on 2012-09-04/07 at the invitation of the Plant Protection Service of the Netherlands. The panel considered the following draft International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPMs), under the following IPPC consultations:

1. Substantial Concerns Commenting Period (SCCP) on draft ISPMs (commenting deadline 2012-09-30):

  • Draft Annex to ISPM 11: Pest risk analysis for plants as quarantine pests (2005-001)
  • Draft revision of Annex 1 to ISPM 15: Approved treatments associated with wood packaging material (2006-011)


2. Member consultation on draft ISPMs (commenting deadline 2012-10-20):

  • Draft Appendix to ISPM 12: Electronic certification, information on standard XML schemes and exchange mechanisms (2006-003)
  • Determination of host status of fruits and vegetables to fruit fly (Tephritidae) infestation (2006-031)
  • Draft Annex to ISPM 26: Establishment of fruit fly quarantine areas within a pest free area in the event of an outbreak (2009-007)
  • Draft Annex to ISPM 27: Diagnostic Protocol for Tilletia indica (2004-014)
  • Draft Annex to ISPM 27: Diagnostic Protocol for Guignardia citricarpa (2004-023)


Based on the discussions, the EPPO CPM Panel were able to agree on recommendations for the development of these ISPMs.  The IPPC online comments system (OCS) was used to make comments and to share them with EPPO member countries, which were invited to take them into account when preparing their individual replies to the IPPC Secretariat.


The EPPO Secretariat would like to thank the local organizers at the Dutch Plant Protection Service for their hospitality and excellent organization and of the meeting. 


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