6th Meeting of the Resistance Panel on Plant Protection Products

Rothamsted Research, Harpenden (GB) 2011-09-07/08


The Resistance Panel on Plant Protection Products was held back-to-back with the Resistance Conference (Rothamsted, GB, 2011-09-05/07). Since many panel members attended both meetings the Panel was consequently reduced to 1.5 days.


The meeting was attended by representatives from the British Resistance Actions Groups who presented an overview of their work in the UK. Ms Burnett (FRAG-UK), Mr Pope (IRAG- UK), and Mr Buckle (Chairman of the UK Rodenticide Resistance Action Group) presented the activities of their respective groups. 

A regular topic on the agenda is also the update from the international Resistance Action Committees (RACs). Ms Salas (Herbicide RAC – European Group), Mr Genet (Fungicide RAC) and Ralf Nauen (Insecticide RAC) informed the Panel of the new developments in their respective Committees. 

The Panel was updated on the progress of the CRD project 'Underpinning regulatory decisions on fungicide resistance risk assessment and management strategies '. Eventually, outputs of this research may be used to update EPPO Standard PP 1/213 Resistance risk analysis.

The Panel further discussed an article on a method to assess the number of necessary modes of action to address resistance issues. This article will be published in the December issue of the Bulletin OEPP/EPPO Bulletin (Vol. 41.3, 2011).


The Panel discussed two new draft standards on Insecticide co-formulated mixture products and Principles of efficacy evaluation for microbial plant protection products. The Panel on Efficacy Evaluation of Fungicides and Insecticides wished that the Resistance Panel gave its opinion on the sections related to development of resistance in these draft standards and the implications of the use of such products for resistance management. The amended drafts will be further discussed by the Panel on Fungicides and Insecticides.


The Panel also discussed the draft standard Principles of zonal data production and evaluation.The Panel agreed with the text presented and the general concept that resistance risk is considered as part of the zonal submission. The Panel also reviewed the existing Standard PP 1/213 Resistance risk analysis to check whether the text needed to be revised to take into account the zonal concept and made few amendments.

The Panel was briefed with the improvements to the French Alert List on resistance. The database aims to give the scientific community, field technicians, advisors and regulatory authorities the most current information on resistance to certain active substances. It will soon be published online on the INRA website.


Finally, the Panel discussed future EPPO workshops on resistance. In 2012, the workshop will deal with herbicide resistance in general, with a special focus on zonal authorization.


The Panel will next meet on 2012-09-18/20.