16th Meeting of the ad hoc Panel on Invasive Alien Species

Olbia (IT), 2011-05-03/06



The 16th meeting of the Panel on Invasive Alien Species took place in Olbia (IT) on 2011-05-03/06 at the kind invitation of the Corpo Forestale e di Vigilanza Ambientale della Regione Sardegna, of the Area Marina Protetta “Tavolar Punta Coda Cavallo”, of the Centro Interdipartimentale per la Conservazione e Valorizzazione della Biodiversità Vegetale (Università di Sassari), and of the NPPO of Italy.


The activities of the Italian stakeholders and of the EPPO Panel on Invasive Alien Plants were also mentioned in the Sardinian newspapers.

Carpobrotus spp. - View more pictures  


The Panel was informed about the latest developments at the DG Environment of the European Commission by Ms Dumortier, on the situation of Invasive Alien Plants in Sweden by Ms Josefsson, and on the Eye on Earth project on Invasive Alien Species by Mr Uludag.


The Panel discussed the draft Standard of the EPPO prioritization process on invasive alien plants to be circulated for country consultation. The outcome of this prioritization consists in reformulating the EPPO Lists of invasive alien plants, and identifying priorities for Pest Risk Analysis (PRA). The Panel considered that the next EPPO PRA should be performed on Baccharis halimifolia, as there is considerable information on the impacts of this species while it is still of limited distribution in the EPPO region.


The Panel also reviewed and approved the PRA on Ludwigia grandiflora and L. peploides that shall be presented to the Working Party on Phytosanitary Regulations this year. The German PRA on Myriophyllum aquaticum had been enlarged to the EPPO region, and the Panel requested that an ad hoc Expert Working Group be organized to review and complete this PRA. In addition, the Panel suggested that National Official Control Measures be drafted for the next Panel meeting on the management of aquatic plants in general.


The Panel had the opportunity to make a field trip, including a visit to the Island of Tavolara, and were able to observe invasive alien plants of the Mediterranean Basin, including Carpobrotus acinaciformis. The next Panel meeting will be held in France on 2012-06-04/06.