11th Meeting of the Panel on Invasive Alien Species

Zurich (CH) - 2007-05-08/10


The 11th meeting of the Panel on Invasive Alien Species met in Zurich (CH) on 2007-05-08/10 at the kind invitation of the Swiss NPPO. Each expert made a synthesis of the activities currently undertaken on IAS in his/her country. The Panel agreed to develop activities in partnership with the Bern Convention on the elaboration of Codes of conducts (for horticulture, for aquaria, etc.) and on recommendations for eradication. The Panel recommended studying the aquatic plant pathway in detail and agreed on management options for Ambrosia artemisiifolia as well as on recommendations on bioenergy plants.


The Panel continued its work on the development of a prioritization process for invasive alien plants. The Panel reviewed and adjusted the Pest Risk Analyses for Sicyos angulatus, Polygonum perfoliatum and Cabomba caroliniana.

The Panel had the opportunity to make a field trip and to observe Pueraria lobata, Reynoutria japonica, Trachycarpus fortuneiLonicera japonica and many other invasive alien plants in the wild.

The next Panel meeting will be held in Paris (FR) on 2007-10-23/26. It will aim to continue the work in progress and to perform a Pest Risk Analysis for Heracleum sosnowskyi.


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