30th Meeting of the Panel on ICPM Affairs

Brussels, 2005-04-15/16


The Panel met in Brussels on 2005-04-15/16. The objective of the meeting was to review the draft ISPMs on the agenda of the Standards Committee to give guidance to European members attending this Committee.


The Panel studied the following draft ISPMs and draft revisions of adopted ISPMs:

  • Draft standard on Consignments in Transit
  • Efficacy of measures
  • Diagnostic Protocols for Pests
  • Pest-free areas for Tephritidae fruit flies
  • ISPM 1 on principles of plant quarantine as related to international trade
  • ISPM 2 Guidelines for Pest Risk Analysis


The Panel considered that both the revision of ISPM 2 and the draft ISPM on efficacy of measures were not ready to be sent for country consultation. It made general comments on the other standards to be presented at the Standards Committee by the European Representatives.


Regional stewards were designated for these draft standards.