Panel on Efficacy Evaluation of Fungicides and Insecticides

Athens, 2005-11-22/23



The Panel on Efficacy Evaluation of Fungicides and Insecticides met in Athens, on 2005-11-22/23 at the kind invitation of the Greek NPPO.


The Panel continued its main work on the preparation of standards for conducting field trials to evaluate the efficacy of fungicides and insecticides. Standards on Aphid vectors of persistent viruses on seed potatoes (revision PP 1/71), Aphid vectors of non-persistent viruses on seed potatoes and Cutworms in arable crops were finalized and considered ready to be presented to the Working Party on Plant Protection Products for approval in 2006.



A number of revised and new standards were completed and they will be sent to EPPO countries for comments (Aphids on cereals (revision PP 1/20), Atomaria linearis, Thrips angusticeps, Clivina fossor (revision PP 1/43), Leaf eating insects in beet, Pegomya spp. on beet and spinach (revision PP 1/209), Wheat blossom midges on cereals (Contarinia tritici, Sitodiplosis mosellana), Aphids on bush and cane fruit (revision 1/21), Aphids on top fruit (revision 1/21), Tipula larvae in grassland (revision PP 1/193), Disinfection in plant production, Aphids in strawberry, Eriosoma lanigerum).


Several revised or new draft standards (General principles for studying the field efficacy of pheromone-based products, Leptinotarsa decemlineata (revision of PP 1/12), fungal diseases of mushrooms) remain under study and will be further discussed at the next meeting.


A joint meeting was held together with the Panel on Efficacy Evaluation of Herbicides and Plant Growth Regulators. Both Panels agreed on the revision of PP 1/135 Phytotoxicity Assessment.