2nd Meeting of the Panel on Phytosanitary Procedures

Dossenheim, DE, 2004-01-20/22


The Second meeting of the Panel on Phytosanitary Procedures met in 2004-01-20/22 in Dossenheim (Germany). The Panel prepared a general format for consignment inspection and requested the Secretariat to prepare a general format for Inspection of Places of Production before the next meeting. A phytosanitary procedure for sampling for visual inspection of consignments was discussed and finalized. The Panel considered that the document was ready to be sent for country consultation if approved by the Working Party on Phytosanitary Regulations. A draft National Regulatory Control System for Diabrotica virgifera was debated. This draft standard includes recommendations for the eradication and containment of this pest which is spreading in the EPPO region. The draft standard was revised and the new version was prepared to be presented to the Panel on Phytosanitary Measures. A draft National Regulatory Control System for Bactrocera zonata was discussed. The Panel considered that for this procedure mainly based on the Peach Fruit Fly Action Plan of the International Atomic Energy Agency opinions from southern EPPO members would be valuable and asked the Secretariat to contact them. The Panel reviewed and modified the draft which will be studied further at the next meeting. The following draft phytosanitary procedures were presented to the Panel:

  • Consignment inspection of tomato seeds
  • Consignment inspection of strawberry plants
  • Consignment inspection of fruits and vegetables


All documents will be revised and aligned to the new format before the next meeting. The Panel discussed the revision of the Phytosanitary Procedure on Tilletia indica: inspection and test method for wheat seeds [PM 3/37(1)] and concluded that a procedure for inspection of grain and seed of Triticum (consignment and place of production) would be more relevant. A draft standard will be prepared for the next meeting. The Panel also revised its work programme and identified the following standards to be studied at its next meeting:


Revised standards to be studied at the next Panel meeting:

  • Tomato seeds: consignment inspection procedure
  • Fragaria plants (strawberry): consignment inspection procedure
  • Fruits and vegetables: consignment inspection
  • Seeds and grain of Triticum: consignment inspection procedure
  • National regulatory control system for the eradication and containment of Bactrocera zonata


First draft to be presented at the next Panel meeting:

  • Tomato seeds: place of production inspection
  • Fragaria plants for planting (strawberry): place of production inspection
  • PM 3/24(1) Chrysanthemum stunt pospiviroid : inspection and test methods
  • PM 3/40(1) Erwinia amylovora: sampling and test methods Swiss expert (will include place of production inspection and consignment inspection)
  • PM 3/43(1) Plum pox potyvirus: inspection procedure
  • PM 3/57(1) Phytoplasmas in fruit trees and grapevine: inspection procedure