Identification of host plants of Anoplophora chinensis and A. glabripennis

- Prepared by Edu Boer (2013)  - 
National Reference Centre, NPPO, Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority, the Netherlands



Anoplophora chinensis (Citrus longhorned beetle) and Anoplophora glabripennis (Asian longhorned beetle) are two quarantine pests which are occasionally intercepted in the Netherlands. In addition, outbreaks have occasionally been found but in all cases, they have been subjected to strict eradication measures. When an infestation is found, intensive field surveys are conducted to assess the extent of the occurrence of the beetle. The two species of beetles are known to occur on a number of host plants that are found in the Netherlands. As the host plants are all woody, perennial species, reliable identification in both summer and winter is required. An electronic image-based identification tool has been developed to allow for easy and reliable identification. Users can tick illustrated characters in the tool, get suggestions on 'best' characters to allow for better discrimination and arrive at a suggested identity. Based on this electronic tool 2 field guides have been prepared for inspectors to have at hand in the field. One guide displays the features of the host plants in summer, the other one of the features in winter.


The identification tools developed cover a total of 25 genera of woody perennials and these are all appropriately illustrated with technical photographs displaying the most important and distinguishing characters. These guides are available in Dutch. However as they are very visual, they can be used by non-Dutch speakers to reach an identification. These guides were prepared in collaboration with Naturalis Biodiversity Center 


Links to the electronic identification guide and the 2 printed field guides can be found on the following webpage: