A new EPPO website!


The EPPO web site was created in 1998 and has greatly expanded since then. Its design and contents were modified in 2004 and 2008. Recently, the EPPO Secretariat felt that it was time to revise the EPPO website. The objectives of this revision were to propose a modern design, simple navigation, and easy-to-read webpages, as well as to facilitate the maintenance of the website. In particular, as most pest-specific information is now stored in the EPPO Global Database (GD), the contents of the EPPO website has been rationalized to avoid discrepancies between the two websites, and many links have been established between the EPPO website and GD so that users can easily retrieve pest-specific documents. Finally, the new technology that is being used to generate webpages will allow more collaborative work among staff members of the Secretariat under the supervision of the webmaster to ensure consistency.


What’s new in the EPPO website:

  • A new interface that can be also used on mobile devices (tablets, mobile phones)
  • A brief history of EPPO
  • Annual reports (current back to 1985)
  • Access to the outcome of projects in which EPPO is involved
  • A new page dedicated to phytosanitary inspectors of EPPO member countries
  • A completely revised description of EPPO’s involvement in global activities on plant health
  • Updated descriptions of EPPO’s activities in the field of plant quarantine, plant protection products and invasive alien plants