EPPO is celebrating the International Day of Plant Health – 12th of May 2024

Plant health, safe trade and digital technology



EPPO, together with its member countries and the FAO, celebrates the International Day of Plant Health. This special day is the opportunity for the whole Plant Health community to show how essential plants are to all other living organisms on Earth. Plants provide oxygen, food, shelter, and many other services. Protecting plant health is also protecting animal and human health. We can all play a part in this and celebrate every year ‘Plant Health’.


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Save the date, get prepared and spread the message!

The following resources can help you to prepare your activities for the International Day of Plant Health.




Protecting Plants, Protecting Life: we can all play a role, including EPPO as a Regional Plant Protection Organization


A few examples of EPPO’s activities, but far more has been done by EPPO to help its member countries in protecting plant health.



Identify and manage pest risks

EPPO helps its member countries to analyze pest risks and makes recommendations on how to avoid the introduction and spread of plant pests.

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Detect and identify plant pests 

EPPO develops harmonized diagnostic procedures for laboratories on how to detect and identify plant pests. It also develops several databases for diagnosticians.

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Develop harmonized Standards

EPPO prepares harmonized Standards on various aspects of plant health (e.g. pest lists, diagnostic protocols, phytosanitary measures).

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Learn more about plant pests 

EPPO collects data about plant pests: descriptions of plant pests, pictures, lists of host plants, distribution maps are freely accessible in the EPPO Global Database.

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Communicate about plant health

A platform has been developped by EPPO, so that its member countries can share ideas on how to convey messages about plant health to stakeholders and the general public.

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Travel with care

When travelling abroad, please do not bring home plants and plant products. Pests and diseases can hide on them. Templates for posters and leaflets to inform passengers are available. 

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