EPPO Resistance Panel on Plant Protection Products


Composition (as presented to the Executive Committee in April 2018)

ASHBY Paul (Mr)

Chemicals Regulation Directorate, York (GB)

AYYILDIZ Nurullah (Mr)

General Directorate of Food and Control (TR)

BARRES Benoit (Mr)

ANSES, Lyon (FR)

BERG Gunilla (Ms)

Swedish Board of Agriculture, Plant Protection Division, Alnarp (SE)

Besenhofer Gottfried (Mr)

AGES, Institute for Plant Protection Products, Vienna (AT)

CALHA Maria Isabel (Ms)

Instituto Nacional de Recursos Biologicos, Lisboa (PT)

CHACHALIS Demosthenis (Mr)

Benaki Phytopathological Institute, Athens (GR)

DE CAL Y CORTINA Antonieta (Ms)

Department of Plant Protection, INIA (ES)

DUBUIS Pierre-Henri (Mr)

Institut des Sciences en Production Végétale, Agroscope, Nyon (CH)

ELBERSE Ivonne (Ms)

National Plant Protection Organization, Wageningen (NL)

GENET Jean-Luc (Mr)

Du Pont de Nemours, Nambsheim (ECPA)

HALL Beth (Ms)

Syngenta (UK)

Jorgensen Lise Nistrup (Ms)

Aarhus Universitet, Flakkebjerg, Slagelse (DK)

MYLONAS Philippos (Mr)

Benaki Phytopathological Institute , Athens, Greece (GR)

NAERSTAD Ragnhild (Ms)

Bioforsk, Norwegian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research, As (NO)

SALAS Marisa (Ms)

Du Pont De Nemours, La Défense (ECPA)

SATTIN Maurizio (Mr)

CNR - Istituto di Biologia Agro-Ambientale e Forestale, Legnaro (IT)

SLATER Russell (Mr)

Syngenta, Basel (CH), Chairman IRAC

TSAGKARAKOU Anastasia (Ms)

Institute of Olive Tree Subtropical Crops and Viticulture Laboratory of Entomology and Agricultural Zoology , Heraklion, Crete, Greece (GR)

ULBER Lena (Ms)

Institute for Plant Protection in Arable Crops and Grassland, Braunschweig (DE)

WALKER Anne-Sophie (Ms)

INRA, UMR 1290 BIOGER-CPP, Versailles (FR)