EPPO Panel for the Efficacy Evaluation of Herbicides and Plant Growth Regulators


Composition (as presented to the Executive Committee in September 2019)

  BÖHM Katharina (Ms)  AGES, Institute for Plant Protection Products, Vienna (AT)

BOHREN Christian (Mr)

Station de Recherche, Agroscope Changins-Wädenswil, Nyon (CH)

CHACHALIS Demosthenis (Mr)

Benaki Phytopathological Institute, Athens (GR)

DEN HOED Ingrid (Ms)

Chemicals Regulation Directorate, York (GB)

DEWALQUE Adrien (Mr)

Federal Public Service of Public Health DG4 Animals, Plants and Food, Service Plant Protection Products and Fertilizers , Brussels (BE)

GOMES Ricardo Antonio Francisco (Mr)

Direcçao Geral de Agricultura e Desenvolvimento Rural (DGADR), Oeiras (PT)

JüTTNER Tomas (Mr)

Central Institute for Supervising and Testing in Agriculture, Dept of Plant Protection Products, Brno (CZ)


ANSES, Maisons Alfort (FR)

Mathiassen Solvejg (Ms)

Aarhus University, Dept of Agroecology, Forsøgsvej 1, Slagelse (DK)

MOL Erwin (Mr)

National Plant Protection Organization, Wageningen (NL)


BASF, Limburgerhof (ECPA)


State Plant Service under the Ministry of Agriculture, Plant Protection Products Authorization Division, Vilnius (LT).

TØRRESEN Kirsten Semb (Ms)

The Norwegian Crop Research Institute, Ås (NO)

TORUN Hilmi (Mr)

Biologic Research Institute, Adana (TR)

ZWERGER Peter (Mr)

JKI, Federal Research Centre for Cultivated Plants, Institute for Plant Protection in Field Crops and Grassland, Braunschweig (DE)