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Calendar of EPPO meetings

EPPO Meetings

Short reports of recent meetings
Archives for 2016 - 2015 - 2014 - 2013 - 2012 - 2011 - 2010 - 2009 - 2008 - 2007 - 2006 - 2005 - 2004
Archives of EPPO Conferences, Workshops and Colloquia (since 2003)


A large part of EPPO activity is the organization of technical meetings (Working Parties and Panels). These meetings involve experts designated by the NPPOs of EPPO member countries. Their main task is to prepare regional standards. In addition, EPPO organizes international Conferences and Workshops on various scientific subjects for plant protection researchers, administrators, inspectors etc.


Calendar for 2018   calendar


Conferences and Workshops
EEC/EPPO Workshop on Regulated Pests: risk analysis
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06-06/08 Moscow
Euphresco Workshop on Barcoding to be determined Canada
Workshop on comparative zonal assessment 10-23/25 Portugal
Workshop on contingency planning 11-27/29 Serbia
Global Phytosanitary Affairs 01-31/02-02 Paris
General Standards 02-19/21 Paris
Phytosanitary measures for potato 02-20/22 Paris
Harmonization of data on plant protection products (EPPO Codes) 03-05/07 Paris
Diagnostics and Quality Assurance 03-05/07 Portugal
Herbicides-PGRs 03-12/14 Brno (CZ)
Phytosanitary measures 03-27/29 Paris
Global Phytosanitary Affairs 04-25/27 Paris
Quarantine Pests for Forestry 05-15/17 Prague
Diagnostics in Entomology 05-22/24 Hungary
Invasive Alien Plants 06-06/08 Netherlands
Global Phytosanitary Affairs 09-04/07 ?
Resistance to PPPs 09-11/12 Paris
Plant protection information 10-04/05 Paris
Phytosanitary measures 10-09/11 ?
Biological control agents (EPPO/OIBC) 10-17/19 Paris
Diagnostics in Mycology 10-23/25 Paris
Fungicides-Insecticides 11-20/22 Paris
Diagnostics in Bacteriology 11-??/?? ?
Colorado beetle 12-04/05 Jersey
Phytosanitary Inspections 12-11/12 Paris
Expert Working Groups
EWG for PRA on Invasive Alien Plants (Life project) 03-12/16 Paris
EWG for PRA: Bark and ambrosia beetle in non coniferous wood 03-13/16 Paris
EWG for PRA: to be decided - -
EWG for PRA: to be decided - -
Working Parties
Plant Protection Products 05-23/25 Netherlands
Phytosanitary Regulations 06-19/22 Norway
Executive Committee
Executive Committee Meeting 04-10/11 Paris
Executive Committee Meeting 09-24 Paris
Administrative Session 09-25/26 Paris
Euphresco Science Day 09-27 Paris