CAPRA – Computer Assisted Pest Risk Analysis



CAPRA is a software developed by EPPO to assist pest risk analysts in running the EPPO decision-support scheme for Pest Risk Analysis (PRA), and other decision-support schemes. This work was supported by the European Union 7th framework Programme project PRATIQUE (Grant Agreement No. 212459).


Access CAPRA 




CAPRA presents all questions of the EPPO PRA decision-supporting scheme in a user friendly interface. The software is constructed with independent modules corresponding to the different sections of the PRA scheme. It is possible to work on each module independently allowing the preparation of the PRA to be split between different experts.


For most questions guidance and examples are given.


It also provide tools for assessors to help them carry out their work and harmonizing outcomes of PRAs for different pests and by different analysts (e.g. the Visualizer and risk matrices to combine answers). For some questions, links to relevant information sources and databases are included.



As CAPRA was designed in 2010, please note that it may not work on all computer operating systems. The EPPO Secretariat is exploring solutions to overcome this situation.