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Information on pests


Pests in general

Australian nursery papers
Fact sheets on nursery pests and diseases

EU project on Diagnostics (DIAGPRO)
Description of the EU project on diagnostics, protocols are available: Beet necrotic yellow vein virus, Bemisia tabaci, Globodera species, Meloidogyne chitwoodi and M. fallax, Thrips palmi, Tilletia indica, Tomato yellow leaf curl virus and Tomato mottle virus

Featured Creatures
Profiles (including pictures) of insects, mites, plant diseases which are of interest to Florida (US)

Hawaii's Agricultural Gateway
Pests in Hawaii, fact sheets

ID Source
Search tool for identification-themed websites covering plant pests, weeds, and diseases (USDA, CSU).

Knowledge Master (Hawaii)
Data sheets on agricultural pests

NAPIS (US National Agricultural Pest Information System)
Data on some pests of quarantine interest, distribution maps in USA

New and emerging plant disease project
Project of University Raleigh (US) to compile new, emerging and re-emerging plant diseases

Pest Alert from the University of Florida (US)
Alert on pests in Florida. Possibilities to register and receive these news by e-mail

PEST CABWeb (accessible only to subscribers of CABI publications)
Access to CABI journals (Bulletin of Entomological Research, Review of Plant Pathology, Review of Agricultural Entomology, Nematological Abstracts, Weed Abstracts, Biocontrol News and Information)

Texas Agricultural Extension Service
Data on pests and diseases in Texas (US)

University of California Statewide Integrated Pest Management Project
Pest notes, pest management guidelines, etc.

University of Florida (US)
Information on pests and diseases of tropical crops, citrus, etc.

University of Ohio (US), extension service
Fact sheets on pests and diseases

Information, pictures on pests and diseases affecting woody ornamentals in Florida and Georgia



CSIRO Division of Entomology (Australia)
CSIRO activities and documents on entomology

Entomological Department of University of Clemson, South Carolina (US)
Data sheets and pictures of insects, links.

Entomology department of Colorado University (US)
Pictures, movies on some insects, many links

Entomology and Nematology department of Florida University (US)
Entomology resources

Entomology department of Iowa University (US)
Pictures of insects, entomology index of Internet resources

Entomology department of A & M Texas University (US)
Pictures, data on insects

Entomology section of Western Australia
Entomology, pest update, keys for identification

EWSN (European Whitefly Studies Network)
Information on whiteflies. Members, meetings and Newsletter.

Fruit entomology, West Virginia University (US)
Data on insect pests of fruit trees

Gypsy moth - Department of Entomology of Virginia Tech (US)
Data on gypsy moth in USA

International Database on Insect Disinfestation and Sterilization (FAO/IAEA)
Information about radiation doses for disinfestation and sterilization of arthropods

Some important, common and potential pests in the southeastern US. Publications from the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service US
Electronic versions of useful publications on US insects and related pests of several crops: field crops, flowers and foliage plants, shrubs, vegetables, turf

USDA Whitefly Knowledgebase
Information on whiteflies (Trialeurodes abutilonea, T. vaporariorum, Bemisia tabaci), links to other useful sites


Plant Pathology (fungi, bacteria, phytoplasmas)

Bacterial wilt Web
Information on bacterial wilt (Ralstonia solanacearum), Bacterial Wilt Newsletter, pictures of symptoms, information on bacterial wilt congresses, etc.

Citrus canker (University of Florida)

Citrus canker (Florida department of Agriculture and Consumer Services)
"Citrus canker - the threat to Florida Agriculture": details on the situation in Florida

Department of Plant Pathology, Kansas University (US)
Extension service, plant disease alert, fact sheets

Department of Plant Pathology, Texas University (US)
Plant disease handbook, Texas diagnostic lab

Fireblight Web site (ISHS Working Group)
Fireblight Newsletter, e-mail groups, links with other web sites concerned by fireblight

Fireblight in Switzerland (Changins)
Information on the present situation of fireblight in Switzerland with maps (in French).

Fruit Pathology (West Virginia University, US)
Descriptions of fruit diseases (fact sheets and images), links

Fruit pathology University of Wisconsin-Madison (US)
Fruit disease profiles

Idaho University (US) Plant diseases
Idaho plant disease reporter

Names of plant pathogenic bacteria 1864-1995

SPPADBASE - The database of PCR primers for phytopathogenic fungi
Database on primer sets specific to pathogenic fungi

Xylella fastidiosa web site
Diseases caused by X. fastidiosa, vectors, geographical distribution, etc.



All the virology on the WWW
Useful resource guide on virology

Istituto Agronomico Mediterraneo- IAM Bari, Italy
Information on research activities carried by networks of researchers in the field of fruit tree, citrus and grapevine virology in the Mediterranean region. Numerous publications

Lists of viruses by US State
Detailed lists of widely prevalent viruses for each state of USA

National Virus-Tested Fruit Tree Program (US)
Lists of available 'virus-free' clones, descriptions of fruit tree disease

Tospoviruses (University of Wageningen, NL)
Information on tospoviruses (classification, biology, host plants of TSWV)

VIDE Data Base on Plant Viruses
Contains detailed descriptions of plant viruses

ICTV virus database
Descriptions of ICTV approved virus taxa

ICVG (International Council for the study of Virus and Virus-like diseases of Grapevine)
Members, activities and publications



Quarantine nematodes (University of Nebraska-Lincoln, US)
Distribution, molecular and morphological characterisation, control, regulation of quarantine nematodes

Plant and Insect Parasitic Nematodes (University of Nebraska-Lincoln, US)
Information on nematodes, US surveys, pictures, diagnotics etc.

USDA nematode collection database
Nematode collection


Invasive alien plants

Belgian Biodiversity platform

Convention sur la diversité biologique. Centre d’échange d’informations de la Belgique

Cornwall County Council (UK) Knotweed Forum (for Japanese knotweed)

Environment Agency (for aquatic invasive non-native species) - United Kingdom

Gardening Which? ( UK)

Global Invasive Species Programme (for general information on invasive non-native species biology)

Research Institute for Nature and Forest (Belgium)

Research Projects in Belgium
Invasive plants in Belgium: Patterns, Processes and Monitoring
Invasion and biodiversity in grasslands and field borders

Royal Botanic Gardens - Kew ( UK)

Royal Horticultural Society ( UK)

University of Liverpool ( UK) - The Applied Vegetation Dynamics Laboratory