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Resource guides, networks and agricultural statistics


Resource guides / Networks

Agricultural Network Information Centre
Calendars of conferences in agriculture, AGRICOLA, ProMed-Plant postings, many links with other Web sites on agriculture

Agricultural resources provided by the American Seed Trade Association
Links to sites related to agriculture in general

European Federation for Information Technology in Agriculture, Food and the Environment
Many links to agricultural sites

Florida Agricultural information Retrieval System
Retrieval system for agricultural data

Plant Health Early Warning System
Early warning system of the Canadian Ministry of Agriculture on current or potential quarantine pests for Canada

Plant Pathology Internet Guide Book
Very useful page to start with, gives links with other Web sites dealing with plant pathology and entomology (phytopathological societies, departments or institutes, general web sites, specialized web sites (virology, bacteriology, entomology mycology, weeds, etc.), data bases, publications etc.)

You can register to this network and receive by e-mail the ProMED postings on new plant pests and diseases

SANINET Red Andina de Informacion Sanitaria Agropecuaria
IICA - Notas de prensa de Sanidad Vegetal

Ultimate citrus page
Everything on citrus, but rather little on pests and diseases


Agricultural statistics

Agriculture Network Information Center
This page provides many links titled 'Agricultural Statistics' but the EPPO Secretariat has not had yet the time to explore these.

Database sold on a CD (data on agricultural production, trade, land, population etc.)

Finnish statistics
It contains a section on agriculture (Finland in figures)

French National Forest Inventory
Detailed inventory of the French forest (surfaces, tree species, maps, etc.)

Global Agribusiness Information Network
Trade statistics in agriculture (for certain products)

Japanese statistics on Agriculture
Statistics on Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Ministère de l'économie et des finances
French Ministry of Economy and Trade, contains some trade information, includes an access to the 'postes d'expansion économiques' (, for some there is data on agriculture of countries concerned.

Access to order OECD publications on statistics

UN/ECE Statistics
This page offers many links to statistical (international, national, private) agencies which may provide agricultural data

USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service
Statistics on US agriculture

World seed statistics
Global seed statistics (values, exchanges, area cultivated with transgenic crops)

Access to WTO publications, including the WTO International Trade Statistic CD