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International, governmental and research bodies


International Organizations (Global)

FAO structure, activities and documents
IPPC web site (International Phytosanitary Portal): International Plant Protection Convention, International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures, Secretariat of the IPPC, links to RPPOs, WTO
EcoPort (Global Plant protection Information system) Interactive system for information sharing on crop protection including quarantine pests (geographical distribution, hosts, detection methods)

Description and publications of OIE

Descriptions, activities, legal texts etc. of WTO (it is possible to download the SPS Agreement).

[for RPPOs see Worldwide activities]


Global Agricultural Research

CGIAR (Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research)
Information of the 16 centres of CGIAR, for example ICARDA (agricultural research in dry areas), IPGRI (plant genetic ressources), CIMMYT (maize and wheat), CIP (potato), ICRISAT (agricultural research in semi-arid tropics), IRRI (rice) etc. Then access to the Web sites of all these centres. Note that IRRI provide many data on rice (RiceWeb and IRRI Riceworld museum)


European Union

European Union server (Europa)
Information on the European Union, DG VI, DG XXIV, legal texts, reports, calendars, etc.

Phytosanitary research coordination (read more explanations)


Governmental bodies (Ministries, Quarantine Services), Research Institutes, etc.

[For NPPOs and other official bodies of EPPO member countries see About EPPO]

Worldwide list of phytosanitary services
Purdue University

Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia Agropecuaria
Description, research activities
Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service
Some data sheets, Quarantine requirements for import and export, etc.
Agricultural research in Brazil
Agricultural and Agri-Food Canada
Plant health, trade, phytosanitary regulations, access to web sites for Canadian provinces (e.g. below)
Canada (AB)
Ministry of Agriculture Alberta
Activities, pests and diseases (fact sheets and pictures), press releases
Canada (BC)
Ministry of Agriculture British Columbia
Activities, newsletters on pests and diseases
Agricultural Research in France, publications, databases and pictures on insects
'Centre de Cooperation Internationale en Recherche Agronomique pour le Développement': activities, publications
CIRAD in New Caledonia
CIRAD in New Caledonia, data on tropical crops and their main pests and diseases
Description, addresses of BBA Institutes, database on registered plant protection products, PHYTOMED (bibliography)
Polish Phytosanitary Association
Ministry of Agriculture
Description, activities, press releases, PD Nieuwsbrief.
Plant Research International
Research activities
New Zealand
Ministry of Agriculture
New Zealand legal texts
Plant and animal import health standards for New Zealand. Link to quarantine service.
Limited access to a few documents, fees are requested for others
Serbia and Montenegro
Institute for Plant Protection and Environment, Belgrade UK
Horticultural Research International (UK)
Description, activities, publications, contacts
Information on APHIS, press releases, new introductions in USA : Karnal bunt, citrus canker, Anoplophora glabripennis, etc.


Scientific Societies or Associations

ACTA (Association de Coordination Technique Agricole)
Activities and publications of ACTA. Descriptions and addresses of the French Crop Technical Institutes

AFPP (Association Française de Protection des Plantes)
(Formerly ANPP). Activities and publications (CEB guidelines). Calendar of meetings and conferences

American Phytopathological Society
APS Publications, meetings, International Karnal Bunt symposium, Potato late blight online Workshops

Association of Applied Biologists
Meetings, publications

British Society of Plant Pathology
Meetings, publications

European Association for Potato Research
Meetings, publication

International Association for the Plant Protection Sciences (IAPPS)
Objectives, structure, journal (Crop Protection), membership, International Plant Protection Congresses

International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS)
Publications, calendars, membership

International Society for Plant Pathology
ISPP Newsletter, links to other Societies of Plant Pathology

International Society of Citriculture
Conferences, newsletter, links

International Working Group on Ostrinia and other maize pests (IWGO)
IWGO is a global working group of IOBC. Publications, meetings (including meetings on Diabrotica).

Italian Society of Plant Pathology
General information on the Society, abstracts of the Journal of Plant Pathology

Mediterranean Phytopathological Union (MPU)
History of MPU, membership, publications, news

Société Française de Phytopathologie
Conferences, members, links with other sites on phytopathology