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Other topics


British Forestry
List and descriptions of forest trees in UK

California Department on Forestry
Data on Californian forests, e.g. info on pitch canker

Canada's Forest Network
Data on Canadian forest, links to other sites on forestry

Canadian Forest Service
Activities, publications

Canadian Forest Service (Pacific)
Activities, data on forest pests

European Forest Institute
Activities, news, access to databases (for some access is restricted), links to forestry sites

Finnish Forestry
Library, description of some forest pests and diseases

Fire and resource assessment program
Data on Californian forest trees

Forestry Commission (UK)
Information on plant health (e.g. Ips typographus)

French laboratory on forest mycology
Data sheets on fungus of forest trees

French National Forestry Inventory
Detailed inventory of the French forest with maps

Office National des Forêts
Data on French forests

Forest Science Info (accessible only to subscribers)
Access to CABI database on forestry



American Seed Trade Association
Activities, links

Activities, description, links

Seed production in France and markets

Activities, description of ISTA, Newsletter, publications, links


Crop protection, plant protection products, IPM

Compendium of Pesticide Common Names
Common names (with a section on new names), IUPAC and Chemical Abstracts systematic names, molecular formulae, Registry numbers and activity for more than 1000 pesticide active ingredients


European Crop Protection Association.

IPM Newsletter, database for IPM resources

North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals Manual

Resistant Pest Management Newsletter
Newsletter in electronic form

Union des Industries de la Protection des Plantes
Description, activities of the French union of phytosanitary firms, links


Genetically-Modified Organisms

Electronic book on GMOs
Genetically modified plants - A key to the future

Debate on GMOs

Informing consumers in UK
Information for consumers on GMOs

INRA dossier on GMOs
Dossier from INRA (FR) on GMOs

Info, press releases on GMOs


On-line journals

Florida Entomologist on-line
On-line browsing, viewing and printing of articles published in the Florida Entomologist since 1917

Molecular Plant Pathology on-line
Online journal on plant pathology

Mycological Research on-line
For the moment free but later only for subscribers of the journal. Offers information on all other Cambridge University journals

New Agriculturist (on-line magazine)
General subjects in agriculture and rural development

Israel Journal of Plant Protection Sciences. Abstracts and archives can be viewed. Full papers of current issues are available to the subscribers of the printed journal.