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EPPO Standards


 LISTS of EPPO Standards

 NEW and revised EPPO Standards
    approved by Council in 2017-09



To be informed by e-mail when new EPPO Standards are available: register on the list 'Standards' of the EPPO Electronic Documentation Service.


As a result of the work undertaken by the different technical bodies of the Organization, EPPO makes recommendations to the NPPOs of its member countries. These recommendations are Regional Standards in the sense of the revised IPPC. In order to ensure international acceptance, draft standards go through a complex approval procedure, during which all member countries have the opportunity to express their views. Final decisions are obtained by consensus and EPPO Standards are officially adopted by the EPPO Council. EPPO Standards have been developed within the two main fields of EPPO activity (plant protection products and phytosanitary measures).


Recent EPPO position papers and declarations                


In addition to Standards, the Council of EPPO regularly adopts position papers or makes official declarations on topical subjects. Recent EPPO 'positions' or 'declarations' can be retrieved here:



EPPO approval procedure of Standards                         

aproval procedure