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Role of EPPO in the development of regional Standards on PRA


PRA schemeThe EPPO Panel on PRA has been involved in developing schemes for pest risk assessment and pest risk management. Now that international standards have been adopted (ISPM 11 on Pest Risk Analysis for Quarantine Pests and its supplement), these international standards are the international reference for the SPS agreement which would be the basis in case of disputes.

EPPO member countries considered that the EPPO Standards should be adapted to this new situation but favoured to maintain the EPPO schemes on pest risk assessment and pest risk management as they had an added value compared to ISPM no. 11 on pest risk analysis for quarantine pests including analysis of environmental risks and living modified organisms in particular with a presentation in a logical sequence of questions addressing all the elements mentioned in this ISPM (although excluding LMOs issues). In addition, as Risk Analyses also have to be performed on invasive alien plants, EPPO standards have been adapted to cover such pests.

The EPPO Schemes on pest risk assessment and pest risk management have now been replaced by an EPPO decision-support scheme (combining pest risk assessment and pest risk management) which is available on the EPPO website and revised by the Panel on PRA development on an annual basis.

The computerized version of the EPPO Decision-support scheme is now available and can be downloaded from this website.
Computer Assisted Pest Risk Analysis (CAPRA):



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