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Terms of reference for the Panel on PRA development


The Panel on PRA development is responsible for:

Reviewing and updating existing PM5 standards:

  • EPPO decision support scheme for Quarantine Pests
  • Check-list of information required for pest risk analysis (PRA)
  • Pest risk analysis on detection of a pest in an imported consignment

Developing an EPPO decision support scheme for Regulated Non-Quarantine Pests.

Giving guidance and recommending tools for PRAs.

Commenting on Pest Risk Analysis ISPMs by identifying problems and developing possible
   solutions to solve them.

Interaction with other panels and the Working Party on Phytosanitary Regulations
This panel will report to the Working Party on Phytosanitary Regulations regarding the development of decision support schemes for regulated pests and give advice and recommendations for the use of additional and new tools for PRA.
It will report to the Panel on CPM affairs regarding comments on ISPMs for PRA.

Panel on PRA development (York, GB, 2009-1214/17)


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