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EPPO Publications


EPPO produces a wide selection of publications, books, journals and brochures (in English and French). Some of these publications can be obtained electronically. Most EPPO standards can be retrieved as electronic files from our section 'Standard'. You can also receive information by e-mail (EPPO Reporting Service) and be informed of the availability of new EPPO Standards and new phytosanitary regulations by registering with the EPPO Electronic Documentation Service.


EPPO publications can
now be ordered online
(secured payment)


EPPO Bulletin (the official journal of EPPO)

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EPPO Bulletin / Bulletin OEPP
(click on the magnifying glass to search articles in the EPPO Bulletin)

EPPO Reporting Service

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News in plant quarantine
Sent by e-mail (free).

EPPO Poster and leaflet 'Don't Risk It!'

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NEW EPPO poster and leaflet
Download pdf files (in English and French).

EPPO Technical Documents

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EPPO Study on Pest Risks associated
with the Import of Tomato Fruit

EPPO Technical Document no. 1068
EPPO Study on the Risk
of Imports of Plants for Planting

EPPO Technical Document no. 1061
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Pictorial Glossary of Morphological Terms in Nematology
EPPO Technical Document no. 1056
Many other EPPO technical documents are available on request.

E-magazines (!)

The EPPO Secretariat maintains the following e-magazines (!) on the Internet. Follow us!

EPPO Gallery of pictures

The EPPO Secretariat maintains a gallery of pictures on the Internet. All pictures included in the EPPO Gallery can only be used for educational purposes. For publication in journals, books or magazines, permission should be obtained from the original photographers and copy in EPPO.
  • EPPO meetings (more than 4600 pictures)
  • Pests, diseases and invasive plants (more than 1800 pictures)


If you wish to contribute and share your pictures with the planth health community, please contact the EPPO Secretariat!

Books on Quarantine pests

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Quarantine Pests for Europe
(2nd edition)
Illustrations of Quarantine
Pests for Europe
Distribution Maps of Quarantine
Pests for Europe

Brochure of EPPO Standards on Good Plant Protection Practice

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Good plant protection practice  

EPPO Electronic Collection of Phytosanitary Regulations

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EPPO Collection of Phytosanitary Regulations
Information is sent electronically.