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Don't Risk It campaign

EPPO poster and leaflet
- Don't Risk It! -


Translations | Video | Pictures

EPPO posterIn 2013, EPPO published a poster 'Don't Risk It' together with an accompanying leaflet. The objective of these documents is to raise public awareness about the risks of moving plants and their associated pests during international travel and to encourage responsible behaviour. It is primarily intended that the poster should be displayed in airports or any other sites where international travellers will see it (e.g. seaports, railway stations, travel agencies, embassies). This poster was endorsed officially by the EPPO Executive Committee in April 2013 and circulated to all EPPO member countries in May 2013. National Plant Protection Organizations (NPPOs) are strongly encouraged to contact airport authorities or any other relevant bodies so that the poster can be displayed as widely as possible.

Download the poster (pdf files - A1, A2, A3 format - in English and French)


Download the leaflet (pdf files - in English and French)

EPPO leaflet EPPO leaflet


NPPOs can personalize and translate the poster and leaflet (download instructions English |French)

NPPOs of EPPO member countries have been given the possibility to personalize and translate these documents into national languages. Original files in InDesign and Word formats, as well as necessary fonts (Latin characters) were sent to all NPPOs in May 2013. The EPPO Secretariat would very much appreciate to receive feed-back from NPPOs about the use of the poster and leaflet. For example, this webpage could be used to display images of the EPPO poster once translated into different languages, and the EPPO Secretariat promises to post the first image of the poster in an airport that it receives.



Other 'goodies'


With a badge printer (plastic cards, a puncher and appropriate straps), luggage tags and key chains can easily be prepared. The corresponding pdf files can be downloaded here.

Luggage tag

Key chain


The EPPO Secretariat wishes to thank more particularly Dr David Slawson from Fera (GB) and the members of the EPPO Panel on Plant Protection Information for their valuable help during the preparation of these documents.


Translations of the EPPO poster in different languages



Russian (translated by the
Estonian NPPO)

Italy (for EXPO Milano 2015)
Russian (translated by the Polish NPPO)
German (Austria)
French (Corsica for Xylella fastidiosa)
Italian (Corsica for Xylella fastidiosa)
Dutch (Belgium)

Poster used in a nice VIDEO prepared by Regione Lombardia for EXPO Milano 2015


VIDEO 60 s version in Arabic | English | Italian

VIDEO 30 s version in Arabic | English | Italian



EPPO poster displayed at various airports and seaports

View more pictures - EPPO Gallery >


Jersey airport

EPPO poster in Jersey

Courtesy: Scott Meadows (States of Jersey
Environmental Management and Rural Economy)

Istanbul airport (Turkey)

Poster in Istanbul

Courtesy: Serkan Soykan (Ministry of Food, Agriculture
and Livestock, Ankara)


Malta cruise terminal

Courtesy: Clifford Borg (Plant Health Directorate, Malta)

Elazig airport (Turkey)

Courtesy: Flora Limache (EU Minor Uses Coordination Facility)


Lisboa airport (Portugal)

Courtesy: Ana Paula de Almeida Cruz de Carvalho (DGAV, Portugal)

Malpensa airport (Milano, Italy)
Milano airport (Italy)
Courtesy: Mariangela Ciampitti, ERSAF-Lombardia (IT)
In the train (Malpensa express, Italy)
Milano airport (Italy)
Courtesy: Mariangela Ciampitti, ERSAF-Lombardia (IT)
Courtesy: Mariangela Ciampitti, ERSAF-Lombardia (IT)
In the train (Malpensa express, Italy)
Railway station (Milano, Italy)
Courtesy: Mariangela Ciampitti, ERSAF-Lombardia (IT)
Courtesy: Mariangela Ciampitti, ERSAF-Lombardia (IT)
Findel airport (Luxembourg)

Poster at Findel airport

Riga airport (Latvia)

Riga airport

Courtesy: Nadine Kieffer (NPPO of Luxembourg)
Courtesy: Kristina Kjago (NPPO of Latvia)
Estonian national airport
Bucuresti airport - Romania
Courtesy: Mart Kinkar (NPPO of Estonia)
Courtesy: Florica Gogu (NPPO of Romania)
Gdańsk airport - Poland
Warsaw airport - Poland
Courtesy: Jacek Żandarski (NPPO of Poland)
Courtesy: Jacek Żandarski (NPPO of Poland)
Funchal airport - Madeira (Portugal)
Roissy airport (France) with a focus on Xylella fastidiosa
Courtesy: Camille Picard (EPPO)
Courtesy: Anne-Sophie Roy (EPPO)
Airport in Hungary
Airport in Hungary
Courtesy: György Pataky (NPPO of Hungary) Courtesy: György Pataky (NPPO of Hungary)
  Valencia airport, Spain
Courtesy: Wolfgang Willig (Germany) Courtesy: Wolfgang Willig (Germany)
Larnaka airport (Cyprus)  
Courtesy: Rob Tanner (Cyprus)  


If the EPPO poster has also been displayed in your country, please let us know and send us a picture!


EPPO poster and leaflet on national websites


Service public fédéral. Santé publique, sécurité de la chaine alimentaire et environnement.
Vacances à l'étranger?
Vakantie in het buitenland?

Journal für Kulturpflanzen 66. 2014, p 147.

Leaflet focussing on Xyella fastidiosa to protect Corsica

Leaflet (for EXPO Milano 2015) - in Italian and in English

Leaflet in Latvian

Ministry for sustainable development the environment and climate change.
Publications and articles
Leaflet in English

Leaflet in Polish
PIORIN web site: poster and leaflet

Leaflet in Portuguese

Leaflet in Slovene
Information campaign on the NPPO website - in Slovene and in English

Leaflet in Turkish