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Older series of EPPO technical documents


Technical documentsSince its creation in 1951, EPPO has published a very large volume of technical documentation, in addition to the EPPO Bulletin / Bulletin OEPP. In the past, these documents appeared in the separate series, A, B, C and D which were gathered under the single title 'EPPO Technical Documents' in 1990.

The EPPO Technical Documents include:

  • Archive reports on the situation of various pests in the EPPO countries (e.g. Ceratitis capitata, Erwinia amylovora, field rodents, Hyphantria cunea, Leptinotarsa decemlineata, muskrat, potato cyst nematodes, potato bacteria, Quadraspidiotus perniciosus, sharka, Synchytrium endobioticum)
  • Archive reports on the use of plant protection products
  • First EPPO A1/A2 quarantine lists
  • Reports of early EPPO Conferences (today Conference papers are published in the EPPO Bulletin)
  • Reports of all EPPO Working Parties

To obtain EPPO Technical Documents please consult the EPPO Secretariat (

A search engine now allows you to retrieve complete references of all articles published in the EPPO Technical Documents (including the EPPO Bulletin) since the creation of the Organization. Please note that search is not done on abstracts or full text of articles, but only on titles and authors.