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Plant Protection Products
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EPPO activities on plant protection products


Workshop on application technology in plant protection
Braunschweig, DE, 1995-04-04/06
One of the aims of EPPO is to promote the use of modern, safe and effective pest control methods. In order to achieve this goal, the EPPO Working Party on Plant Protection Products has produced a large number of standards which are intended to be used by National Plant Protection Organizations (NPPOs), in their capacity as authorities responsible for registration of plant protection products and related advisory services. Some of these standards may also be of interest to agrochemical companies which apply for registration of their products. In addition to the development of standards, EPPO regularly organizes Conferences and Workshops on themes related to plant protection (e.g. application techniques, forecasting models, computer applications in plant protection).


Development of EPPO Standards on Plant Protection Products

Read background information on how EPPO standards on Plant Protection Products are being developed and view the approved standards


Minor uses of Plant Protection Products and Extrapolation Tables

Read background information on EPPO activities (standards, extrapolation tables, recommendations from workshops) related to the minor uses of plant protection products.

The EU Minor Uses Co-ordination Facility (MUCF), which is hosted by EPPO, started work in September 2015, and more information can be found at:



Read specific EPPO Standards (efficacy evaluation, environmental risk assessment scheme) concerning honeybees.



Read background information on EPPO activities in the field of resistance to plant protection products (including useful links to other websites).


Information on Plant Protection Products

Access databases on registered plant protection products in Europe.