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The EUPHRESCO Network Secretariat hosted by EPPO

EUPHRESCO is a European Research Area Network (ERA-NET) project for research policy development and implementation in the field of statutory and emerging plant pests which was launched in 2006. One of the benefits of EUPHRESCO is to optimize the use of the limited resources in the region. EUPHRESCO Partners represent all of the key national phytosanitary research funders from European countries. EUPHRESCO 1 ended in 2010 and EUPHRESCO 2 was launched in January 2011 (and has been enlarged to include more non-EU countries). One of the objectives of EUPHRESCO II was that the network should continue as a self-sustainable long-term network of European phytosanitary research funders after 2013.

At the EPPO Council Session in 2011 a request that the EPPO Secretariat could provide the structures for a long-term sustainable network of EUPHRESCO was made. The EPPO Council in 2013 agreed that the EUPHRESCO Network Secretariat would be established within EPPO for a first two year period.

As EUPHRESCO II came to an end on the 31st of March 2014 a final dissemination Conference took place in Chessy (France) on 2014-03-26. Prior to the conference a EUPHRESCO II final Governing Board and the EUPHRESCO Network first Governing Board met. The Network Management Group were reappointed, with a few changes of membership. A handover of baton and modus operandi from EUPHRESCO II to the EPPO hosted long term EUPHRESCO network took place.

All information on EUPHRESCO I and II are being transferred to a new website hosted by EPPO (operational since the 1st of April 2014).

The coordinator of the EUPHRESCO network has been recruited and will join the EPPO Secretariat on the 13th of June. The Network Management Group will revise the EUPHRESCO Research Agenda and a new call for topic should be organized by the end of 2014. More information will be made available on the EUPHRESCO website: