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EUPHRESCO - Update on European phytosanitary research coordination 


The EUPHRESCO (EUropean PHytosanitary RESearch COordination) Phytosanitary ERA-Net was launched in May 2006 (see previous web report) and has been running for almost three years. It is composed on national or regional research programme funders/managers and has input from an Expert Advisory Group that includes EPPO, EFSA and the European Commission’s DG SANCO.

Its goal is to better coordinate national plant health research programmes in Europe to better support phytosanitary policy and operations, as well as building European phytosanitary science capability. It aims to coordinate national programmes with each other, to commission trans-national research, and to develop common research agendas at the trans-national and EU level. In this latter respect, EUPHRESCO has a mandate from the EU Council Working Party of Chief Officers of Plant Health Services (COPHS) to advise on plant health priorities for the EU-funded FP7 programme.

More information can be found at the EUPHRESCO website and in the recent 6-monthly Newsletter.

1. A mapping and analysis report of national European plant health research programmes. This will form a strong basis for future strategy and cooperation. EUPHRESCO would like to thank those EPPO countries outside of the consortium that contributed information to this mapping phase.

2. The commissioning of 11 trans-national pilot research projects through a variety of different funding approaches:
5 research topics via a virtual common pot funding mechanism; 4 topics via a non-competitive funding mechanism, all of which are diagnostic method validations that include ring tests, many of which support EPPO diagnostic protocols (see Newsletter for more details); and 2 research topics via a real common pot funding mechanism.

3. The first steps towards: (a) developing strategic frameworks and common research agendas for plant health at the European level; (b) establishing a durable long-term network of national plant health research funders.