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In Memoriam of Jens Unger



The EPPO Secretariat is deeply sorry to announce that Dr. Jens Georg Unger, Head of the Institute for National and International Plant Health at the Julius Kühn-Institut passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on the 28th of February 2017 at the age of 61.

The international plant health community has lost a great man. Jens was known to many of us and over 26 years, he made a major contribution to plant health. He was highly skilled and his knowledge was recognized globally. Our Organization has been lucky to benefit from his expertise. Jens first attended the EPPO Working Party on Phytosanitary Regulations in 1991 and had been at every Working Party meeting since.  He was also for a time a regular participant in the Panel on Phytosanitary Measures and was very active in the Panel on CPM Affairs, having been one of the first European members of the IPPC Standards Committee.  Jens was a visionary and has been a leading force in many of the initiatives taken and evolutions in the plant health sector not only at regional level but also internationally. He was a man of debate but also of compromise. We will all greatly miss discussing on possible new approaches in plant health with him, but we will also all miss the extraordinary person he was and his sense of humor.

Jens you will always be in our memories. Rest in peace.


Colleagues and Friends from the EPPO Secretariat.